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Welcome! This is my first time every really creating something like this. I must inform you, the reader, that this (meaning links) may be a little tacky because I am trying to do it all on my own; 100% myself. May end up getting help though.

Anyways, aside from that note, please stick with me. I have been TH9 for about 3 and a half years and have been recovering from rushing my town hall quite well. Also have a TH5 as well. Also have a ton of strategies and/or tips that are potentially helpful. I can also give simple base building tips and personal suggestions to those who are interested..

Please do not edit any of my pages unless it is edited by myself or I approve of it. Thank you!

1.0 Page and Game Overview

About This Page

This is the main page to my Wikia contributions and plan to link all of my sub-pages to here to make navigation easier. Each other mini section on this page is a basic overview of what to do. Hope you guys enjoy, and feel free to leave good or bad comments, all are helpful.

About The Game

Clash of Clans is a strategy based MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) where you get to do what you like at your own pace. You can make your own base, and you have all control over your playing style.

1.1 Town Halls 1-3

For these Town Hall levels, you can do whatever you'd like. You can rush through them, but it is suggested that you upgrade as many army camps and troops to the highest you can possibly go for them.

1.2 Town Halls 4-5

For these Town Hall levels, it is best to start working on your base and mostly defenses. It will help with saving for upgrades. Spend gems on builder's huts as well, as they start to become useful t this time as upgrades get longer.

1.3 Town Halls 6-7

These Town Halls is when it starts to get tough, but they are fairly easier Town Halls compared to 8, 9, and 10. This is when you want to start upgrading everything as high as they can go. It will make it easier for each Town Hall afterwards.

1.4 Town Halls 8-9

These are the roughest Town Halls to handle because they need a ton of attention combined. These are town halls that you would like to complete your offensive/attacking upgrades before your defensive upgrades. They will help you get resources and your heroes upgraded with ease.

1.5 Town Hall 10

I have no experience with this Town Hall level, but from what I understand from everyone in general, max out all of your offenses first, get those out of the way.

1.6 Town Hall 11

This is a newer Town Hall level, and is right now the last level in the game. All features are unlocked and you can either help others out or push your way to the top!

2.0 Links To Useful Resources

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