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'Hi there this is one of Madman-THE SBM III's strategy guide and I will be going through a quick n easy alternative to barchering which takes little time to train and can kill storages and collectors alike.

Force (Cost is for higher level of troop)

Troop Quantity Cost Level Training time
Archer 15 4500(E) 4/5 6m 15s
Giant 16 36000(E) 4/5 32m
Goblin 27 2700(E) 4/5 13m 30s
Wallbreaker 5 15000(E) 4/5 10m
Healer 2 16000(E) 2/3 30m
Subtotal 200 pop space 74200(E) N/A

90m 45s/4 barracks

=25 mins approx

Dark Troops
Minion 20 180(DE) 2/3/4 15m
Subtotal 20 180(DE) N/A

15m/2 barracks=

7.5m *

Healing 3 66000(E) 4/5 60m
Poison 1 110(DE)** 1/2 15m
Subtotal 7 spell space

66000E +

110 DE

N/A 60m

200 pop space

+7 spell space




*= At town Hall seven only one barracks is available so troop training time will be longer however it still will not affect the overall troop training time.

Troops for this attack

Troops used.

**=Poison is only available at town hall eight so town hall sevens need not worry about this cost

***=I know I said quick n easy and when you see 60m you will be thinking "thats far from quick" but full spells are not needed for this formation (like barcher) as usually they will not be used.

  • Ideal base for attacking
  • Troops for this attack
  • End result
Finding a Match

Although there is quite a few requirements for the ideal base to attack with this formation many bases fit it. Ideal loot for this attack is 150+ thousand at town hall seven and 175+ thousand at town hall eight. One air defense must be outside the kingdom or only protected by one layer of walls so that it can be easily destroyed by giants. The other 1/2 air defenses must be reasonably far away so that the healers can get the giants through most of your opponents base before dying. 


First as with most attacks, check to see if your opponent has defending clan castle troops. This can be done by placing a troop near the clan castle. If troops come out, kill them with poison or lure them away from defenses and kill them with archers. Now, place the giants next to the air defense and use you wall breakers to smash the walls (if there is any) open. Time placing the wallbreakers between mortar attacks as a mortar will kill them one shot. When air defense is broken, place healers on the giants and wait until a decent proportion of defenses are dead and load in the looting troops. Deploy king (if you have one) first with archers and minions behind him in a defense free area created by your giants. Once collectors in this area are dead, load in the goblins so that they will target the storages. If they are targeted by a mortar (which they shouldn't be as it should target the giants or king) heal them immediately so they can finish looting the storages. Next sit back and enjoy the satisfying feeling of your storages filling with those precious resources.

I hope you find this strategy as useful as I did throughout town hall 7 and 8. This is my first strategy guide so feel free to post comments and suggestions below

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