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Topic What It's About
Crystal League Farming for TH8s


So this guide is for those little audience at TH8 who want a sort of introduction to high-trophy farming. Based on my own personal experiences at Crystal 3 at TH8, if you wanna farm at a relatively high trophy range (many TH8s are in Gold), this guide is for you.
The Clan Castle as a Defense This guide is for anyone looking to bolster their defenses using their own Clan Castle to their advantage and putting in potentially lethal Clan Castle troops. If you're wondering what you need for your Clan Castles for any defensive situation and need advice no matter where your Clan Castle is in your base, this guide is for you.
A General Guide to Upgrading Order
Stuck with no idea on what defense or troop to upgrade next? Well this guide covers a general upgrade order, for defense, offense and lab troops, whatnot. It is complete with suggestions for upgrade order regardless of whatever your TH level is, whether you farm or war.
Walls, Just Walls
This is an elaborate guide on Walls, how to use them, how to upgrade them, and how to defend them. Complete with loads of examples and screenshots demonstrating how Walls work and how they can potentially deter enemy troops away from key buildings, this guide showcases everything you can imagine about Walls.
Dealing with Clan Castle Troops
This is a pretty long guide on just exactly how to deal with Clan Castle troops, from start to finish. From drawing the Clan Castle troops out from the safety of the Clan Castle to the various methods used to eliminate these troops, this guide practically covers it all. It also includes a lot of pictures ranging from various theories on drawing out Clan Castle troops in seemingly impossible situations to slideshows on step-by-step guides on executing many methods to deal with CC troops.
Table-Turning Traps This is an upcoming guide about traps, and how to use them well.


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