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How to start playing Clash of Clans This section is about how to start playing the Clash of Clans game, for players with a Town Hall which is lower than level four. 1, 2, 3
Town Hall level 4 guide This section is for players with TH4. 4
Town Hall level 5 guide This section is for players with TH5. 5
Town Hall level 6 guide This section is for players with TH6. 6
Town Hall level 7 guide This section is for players with TH7. 7
Town Hall level 8 guide This section is for players with TH8. 8
Town Hall level 9 guide This section is for players with TH9. 9
Town Hall level 10 guide This section is for players with TH10. 10
How to recover from a rushed base This section is for players with a rushed base at Town Hall level nine or ten. 9, 10
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Clan Wars guide This is the first complete guide about Clan Wars, the new feature introduced in the April 8th update of Clash of Clans.
How to make a successful clan This is my guide on creating a successful clan.
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Damaged base

An example of what a rushed Village looks like

If your village looks like this village, or has lower leveled buildings than this but with a level 9 or 10 Town Hall, then you are in a disastrous state because you rushed to Town Hall level nine or ten and did not upgrade your buildings enough. This guide will help you keep your progress and improve your state, without purchasing more Gems.

How to fix

There are a few phases you will need to go through in order to fix this problem. Tip: You will need to save Gems for your Builder's Huts. If you have enough Gems to purchase one or two Builder's Huts, purchase as many as you can afford. If you have 3,500 or more Gems, purchase all five Builder's Huts now. THIS IS IMPORTANT, BECAUSE YOU WILL BE ABLE TO UPGRADE MORE BUILDINGS IN THE SAME AMOUNT OF TIME, THUS ALLOWING YOU TO RECOVER FASTER.

Step 0: Reduce your Trophy count

You may want to reduce your trophy count to between 250-550, to prevent powerful players from stealing your resources. (Note: Don't go below 200 trophies, you will be raided quickly multiple times by players with Town Hall level nine or ten).

New Update Information:Matches are determined by Town Hall level as well, it may be more advantageous to find a league which is not being currently farmed. Which league you need to be in also may change over time.

Step 1: Generating enough Gold to upgrade your defenses

Since your village is a rushed village, attacks will steal more resources from you than you can generate in the Shield time given. Raiding weaker players cannot give you enough resources, and raiding players of your Town Hall level or higher is hard and also cannot give the required resources. You will need to be able to generate enough resources to upgrade your Defensive Buildings.

  • Step 1.1: You will need to place all six or seven Elixir Collectors that are available as soon as possible, then upgrade all of them to level eleven, and not a level lower. The total time required to upgrade one to level eleven will take more than 12 days, so remember to go to Clash of Clans if you see a notification for it.
    • You may think this is counter productive, but actually you will need Elixir to upgrade your Gold Mines.
    • If you cannot generate enough resources to upgrade an Elixir Collector to the next level, focus on upgrading the next lower leveled one to that level, until you can't afford to upgrade any Elixir Collectors (and then upgrade your Gold Mines to get required resources).
  • Step 1.2: Now do the same with the Gold Mines.

Now you have enough Gold production to start upgrading your Defenses, but I will recommend you to do something else first.

Step 2: Upgrade your Defenses to protect against losing

  • Step 2.1: Build as many of all the available Buildings (to save time, upgrade only to level one) if you have not done so already. This will take a while, especially if you have not gotten defenses available in Town Hall level seven or higher. Build the buildings that take the shortest time to build first (and build the walls first before anything else).
  • Step 2.2: Find a good farming Village Design on YouTube, and take a picture of it. This is the reason the guide recommended you to build the buildings to at least level one, because you will be able to copy the village layout exactly. There will be more Defenses as well to protect the village when some are being upgraded.
  • Step 2.3: Now upgrade your defenses to at least the maximum level that is allowed for Town Hall level seven. Remember, upgrade the buildings that take the shortest time to upgrade first. This will allow your village to protect you against Town Hall seven and lower players properly.

Step 3: Build the Base up to prepare for Raiding!

  • Step 3.1: Upgrade all of your Walls to at least level 7. It is costly to upgrade farther than that.

New Update Infromation:Lowering trophies no longer prevents higher Town Hall levels from raiding you. Walls may be more of a concern.

  • Step 3.2: Now upgrade all of the Barracks to level ten, and all of your Dark Barracks and your Spell Factory to level five (or the Max level available for these buildings). Raid for more resources if you need to obtain more Elixir to upgrade. This will allow you to train all the available troops and Spells for your attacks, and upgrade them as you will be doing in the fourth step.
  • Step 3.3: Now build the Barbarian King's Altar and the Archer Queen's Altar. (If you do not have 50,000 or more Dark Elixir, upgrade your Defenses and Troops during this time.) After doing this, put them to sleep mode, so enemy raids on your Village can't damage them and force them to regenerate.
  • Step 3.4: Upgrade your Troops in your level seven or eight Laboratory. If you have not upgraded your Laboratory to these levels, do so before upgrading the troops. You will need to upgrade the troops one by one.
  • Step 3.5:

Step 4: Raiding for resources

Now that you have built up your base and gotten troops to the max level, it is time to start raiding for Resources.

  • Step 4.1: Find and join a Farming clan if you aren't in one. This will allow you to request for troops.
  • Step 4.2: Find a good Gold raiding strategy, and also a good Elixir and Dark Elixir raiding strategy. If you don't have enough Army Camp storage to use the Strategy, upgrade your Army Camps to the next level.
  • Step 4.3: Now start to raid for Gold using your gold raiding Strategy. After gaining enough Gold for the next upgrade on the "Upgrade these Buildings in order" list, use your Gold to upgrade that Building.
  • Step 4.4: After you reached the max level for all of the buildings on the list, upgrade any remaining buildings to the max level.
  • Step 4.5: Raid for Dark Elixir using your Dark Elixir raiding strategy and upgrade your Barbarian King and Archer Queen to the max level. After this, you should upgrade any remaining Buildings you have not upgraded fully to the max level, and you should have recovered from your Rushed Village.

Upgrade these Buildings in order

Upgrade these Buildings to at least the stated level before moving on to the next one on this list. (Upgrade them to a higher level if you are willing to do so.) After reaching the end of the list, start from the beginning of the list and upgrade all of the buildings in order to the next level. (If there is no upgrade button on any of the buildings of the listed type, skip that building for later loops as you have reached the maximum level for that building type.)

  • Firstly, upgrade all of your Walls to at least level eight. This will prevent one surviving Wall Breaker from destroying a group of Walls in a single blow.
  • Second, upgrade your three Mortars to level six.
  • Third, upgrade the Archer Towers to level eight or higher.
  • Fourth, upgrade the Wizard Towers to at least level five.
  • Fifth, upgrade the Cannons to level nine or higher.
  • Sixth, upgrade your Hidden Teslas to level two.
  • Seventh, upgrade your X-Bow to level three.
  • Eighth, upgrade the Inferno Towers to level two.
  • If there are any Defensive Buildings that are not on this list, upgrade them to the next level.


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