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  • Clash on


    -- G R O U N D   R U L E S --



    -          Schedule is based on the Clan Leader’s Time zone: GMT +08:00 – China Standard Time

    A 24-Hour rest is implemented after an End of every war. (Unless approved by the Leaders/Majority to start immediately)




    The Clan Leader and (Tier 1) Co-Leaders are the founding members. 

              Clan Leaders: Badonald, Uncle Drew, Barbz, and Ron Lothbrok

              Tier 1 Co-Leaders: PIHO, GylTrey5, and Allen

              Tier 2 Co-Leaders: Jimzky, Joshua, Ponyang, Khrys Lothbrok and CC Master


    - The Clan Leader and Co-Leaders can promote any deserving member to an Elder, provided they’ll supervise him/her.

       (Elder position is earned by trust and not by stats. Avoid applying or requesting, what is due will be given.)


    - Recruiting, Inviting, and Approving of requests should ideally be done in between End of Clan War and Start of New War. But any of the Clan Leader, Co-Leaders, and Elders can do so anytime if they can vouch for him/her.






         1.     Default donations are Archers, Wizards, &/or Giants, unless a request was specified.

         2.     Be sensitive when requesting for troops, don’t rush your donor; after all it is you who need something.

         3.     Take note, your ClanMates can’t oblige themselves to give you something they don’t have.

         4.     Only donate what is requested. Those who violate “deliberately” will be subjected for kicking.

         5.     It is the responsibility of whoever will be at the Top 10 (Clan Members) to donate High Level Troops to    everyone during Clan War Preparation Day.

    Under Clan War’s – Castle Donations

    Suggested Combinations: (Maxed-Out-Level Troops ONLY)

    10 Troops = 1 Valkyrie, 2 Archers

    15 Troops = 1 Valkyrie, 1 Wizard, 3 Archers -OR- 7 Archers, 2 Wizards

    20 Troops = 1 Dragon -OR- 4 Archers, 4 Wizards

    25 Troops = 1 Dragon and 5 Archers -OR- 5 Archers, 5 Wizards

    30 Troops = 1 LavaHound -OR- 2 Witches, 1 Wizard, 2 Archers

    35 Troops = 1 LavaHound, 2 Minions, 1 Barb -OR- 2 Witches, 1 Wizard, 2 Archers 

           *All the Leaders (Co-Leaders) and Elders are responsible for ClanWar donations.

           - If possible, post a comment "Done donating to Clanwar" in the Chatroom after donating.




         1.     Failed to participate in a Clan War for 4 consecutive times. (ClanWar Preference: OUT.)

         2.     Failed to attack in a Clan War for 3 consecutive times. (or 2 tight/important wars.)

         3.     Rarely (or not entirely) donating troops.

         4.     Disrespectfulness and Misconduct (Trash talking, message flooding, posting inappropriate comments, deliberately refusing to follow instructions).

         5.     Disloyalty.

         6.     Clan War looting. (Unauthorized)

         7.     Inactivity and Clan hopping (without consent)

         8.     An Elder is not allowed to kick a Member without approval from a Co-Leader.

         9.     A Co-Leader is not allowed to demote or kick an Elder without consulting a fellow Co-Leader or the Clan Leader

         10.     Same with recruiting, Kicking should ideally be done in between the End of Clan War and Start of New War. But, in Special cases; the Clan Leader or Co-Leaders could do so anytime as long as it is approved by at least another 1 of them.




    1st  Attack Rule – selecting your 1st attack during clan war should be within your +5 and -5 range.

                      Example: you are #10 in ClanWar, select an opponent from their #5 to #15

     *Additional Note for 1st Attack - All TownHall 8 members should start with -3 Opponent. ( Example: you are #10 in ClanWar, select the #13 in the opponent's List )

    2nd Attack Rule – selecting your 2nd attack during clan war should be within your +10 and -10 range.

                       Example: you are #10 in ClanWar, select an opponent from their #1 to #20


         -       When all opponents in your designated range were already attacked, gradually widen your range. Start with additional 5 slots Up and 5 slots Down until you came across an unattacked opponent or has only 1 star on it.

    -       Be very careful in choosing your attacks. Flop/Failed attacks are considered and most of the time ignored, but intentional Looting during Clan War is strictly prohibited and will be dealt with accordingly.   

         -       In SPECIAL cases and conditions where you have to attack an opponent way outside of your range. You have to seek approval first from any of the Co-Leaders or the Clan Leader.



    In Clan wars, our main objective is to gather as many Stars (points) as possible, to WIN the war.

    Think of the ClanWars as:

    "The event where you could show everyone in Clash Of Clans community, how strong you have been already, how you've matured and honed your strategic attacking skills. This is the very reason why you constantly Loot (to upgrade your Troops, Spells, & Structures.)"


    All of us in MegaRealm provide necessary assistance to everyone in the form of Troops & Reinforcements; we sometimes provide tips and advices on how to defeat the opponents. So, be reminded that we should avoid personal agenda such as looting, winning the war comes first. You can do that on your own regular multiplayer raids.     

    Our clan is composed of very generous members. We have overflowing troop donations here.

    That, we could be very proud of;  not to mention the active and very fast-improving members.

    So mates, let us enjoy more of our clashing and continue working as a Team.

    Go MegaRealm!   

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