aka Temo

  • I live in Georgia
  • I was born on December 22
  • My occupation is Physicist
  • I am Male
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  • Hi sabbather. I wish to join your clan. I have fully upgraded th7 base. Upgrading to th8. Please let me know when i must join your clan. My id is KuNaL.. Level 65

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  • I'd like to join your clan. I'm 20 years old. 
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  • Hi I'm a th10 player my level is 126 but i need to practice more on my gowipe and would like to join and learn from you and your clanmates

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi there Sabbather!

    Thanks for your informative post on the clan forums; My IGN is DireCorgi and I have been playing CoC for about 2 months now.  I am 23 and a full time worker, however I have been looking for a constantly warring clan.  My current Clan, UnDeAd ReLoAdEd is full of mostly friendly people but does not war nearly as often as I'd like.

    Unfortunately due to my rather short playing time, I do not fulfill two requirements on the (Minimum Requirements to Join:) criteria, however I would appreciate the opportunity to play with you guys if you'll have me.  

    For ease of evaluation, I will list the criteria and how I fulfill/do not fulfill them.

    1. Experience level: 60                                                               I am 61

    2. Town Hall level: 8                                                                   I am a TH8

    3. Overall CW Stars: 90                                                             Unfortunately I fail this

    4. Overall Donations: 4000                                                         Also fail this, but currently at 2,800 donations- so about 700 per season.

    5. Archer level: 5                                                                        Yes, my Archers are Lvl 5

    6. Wizard level: 4                                                                        Yes, my Wizards are Level 4- soon to be 5

    7. Dragon level: 2                                                                        My dragons are actually Level 3.

    8. Decent English & Positive Attitude.                                         Yes to both, I acknowledge that as a new player and even later as I get more                                                                                                            experienced, there is always a lot I can learn from other players, and hopefully                                                                                                        useful advice I can share with others also.  

    9. Progressive Thinking, not stopping at some particular skill level. 

    As with above, I want to keep on improving, Th8 in 2 months may seem rushed to some, however I ensure I progress at a rate that suits my strategic playstyle, which is constantly improving.

    Thanks again for considering me,


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    • Hello DireCorgi,

      I apologise for the delayed answer.

      I appreciate this sort of a fullfilled reply, you are most welcome to come in, I will assure that, even if I am not online, one of my staff members will accept you shortly.

      There are 2 things I have to ask of you:

      1. Read our rules (especially about CW attacks) on our clanpage

      2. Rush air defense levels, that's the most important defensive building for clan wars.

      I await your request in the next hours.


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    • Heya Sabbather,

      I didn't see this reply unfortunately =/.

      I am currently in a clan with fantastic people however they have dropped the wars to one a week... but I am pushing to have at LEAST 2 if not 3 wars a week.  

      Regardless, I see you guys have had a blast over the past month and I wish you and the Masterminds all the best for the future!

      See you around,


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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hey Sabbather,

    I saw you posting on a thread about constant war clans with high donations. I'm looking for the same thing. Is the clan you're currently in what you're looking for? If it is would you be able to send an invite my way?

    My current clan is: Big IPA and my tag is TahTahs

    TH8 currently (th9 in 2 days)

    Most donations in a period: >4000

    Troops: Barbs lvl 4, Arch lvl 5, Gobs lvl 5, Giants lvl 5, Wiz lvl 5, Healer lvl 3, Drag lvl 2, Hogs lvl 4 and Valks lvl 1.

    I'm looking for back-to-back wars. I donate constantly and farm as much as well (hence my low trophies) let me know what you think.

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    • Hello Tahtahs,

      I was searching for a better clan, but I have stopped for a while, I turned the tides in my current clan and now we are winning war after war, non-stop, and last 2 wars we won with more than the double scores.

      Unfortunately I can not invite you, as you are in a clan already, and game wouldn't allow me. so you can join us, it's on invite only but we will accept you immediately, Clan name is: Kuchiki (blue/yellow). you can come abroad anytime, we are starting the next war as soon as this one is over, which will be in 14 hours from now.

      Read on my profile page for more information, I got the clan advertised there.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • We have 5 clans total. Curmudgeons, Mudgerian Mob, Mudgerian Army, Mudgerian Farm and Curmudgeons ZZ. You are welcome to join Mudgerian Army, Mob or Farm. The Farm is farm only. The Army is full atm, but will most likely free up soon. The Mob is our newest clan and growing well. This would be your best choice right now. We are declaring today and you are welcome to join us. Ppl move move among the clans as they can, when ever possible to help out with wars or to just farm and grow. ZZ is for vacationers and ppl who have taken a break. Hope to see you soon. RHL

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    • Just so you know there is NO mention in your introduction about your brother being 16 years of age, only his level. That is it. I do wish you luck in your adventure of finding a new clan. You should be more specific when you join your next.

      Sabbather wrote:
      Hello there again Mr.RedHotLizotte,

      From the first view, I like your clan family and would like to give it a shot.

      Although, The circumstances have changed a bit, When I left my clan, I thought even the coolest members would hate me, but apparently it seems almost every smart guy that I had, are willing to follow me. Therefor I outta make a way for all of us. actually we are 7 at the moment, just resting in some average clan, not a big deal. and searching for somewhere we can land for a long time.

      I will tell you about them, and you tell me if we all are accepted in one of your warring clans. probably the new Mob clan of yours.

      Therefor, now I will be telling you about us. what we are is a bunch of guys, who donate around 1000-1500 per season, none of us have ever missed a single CW battle. even though we are partially farming, I mean we got THs outside, still our War Bases are tough as hell and Clan Wars are all of our priorities. Each and every one of us can speak English decently, and none are imature or brain-washed. We never do snipping in CW and always aim for 2-3 stars. our Warbases are mostly TH8 Anti-Hog, Undraggable CC. I personally have never been 3 starred in CW tbh. so the only problem is, our levels hang around 61-76. and my brother is lvl54 but he says we can join if only he is the unaccepted one. but for what it's worth, your staff will not be needing to remind my guys about doing CW battles or donating, few of them rarely need fixes but I take care of that. 

      I would appreciate a quick and full answer,

      Thanks in advance,


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    • I just checked and you are right... therefor I owe you an appology, My fault... but it's ok. we would still leave, because of the lack of wars for our taste :) hope you understand, no hard feelings :) I just expressed my opinion and left without drama, as I promised :) 

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi, welcome to Clash of Clans Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Army Camp page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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    • A FANDOM user
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