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The MHC project has been discontinued

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Welcome to the Most Heroic Wiki Contributors page! This page list those who have been judged by the staff as being the most prolific and helpful contributors to the wiki over the specified period. Usually this award will be given out every few months. Each recipient will receive a placard on the right rail of their user page and message wall page. In addition, the most recent winner will receive a custom usertag and wizard flame on their username throughout the wiki!


Recipient Period
Zegaloft12 Jul-Aug 2015
Zegaloft12 May-Jun 2015
Zazme Yakuza Mar-Apr 2015
MagmaHound Jan-Feb 2015
T-Bacon Nov-Dec 2014
GalacticRuler456 Sep-Oct 2014
ShadowWolf171 Jul-Aug 2014
GalacticRuler456 May-Jun 2014

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