This page is currently under construction. Yes, it is currently neither big nor long, nor does it have much strategy. Right now, it's just Mr. Euqorb's guide, but don't worry, it will soon be Mr. Euqorb's Big, Long Strategy Guide.


Hello, everyone! I'm Mr. Euqorb, if you don't already know me. Other than different strategy guides, mine will be organized in stages.


If you wish to edit this for grammatical and spelling errors, knock yourself out. However, please contact me before adding any big sections into this. Thanks and enjoy!

The Tutorial (Stage 0)

First thing you'll see
Right after you get this amazing game from the App Store, you will get a tutorial. Just do what the tutorial tells you to do. The tutorial will introduce you to the game and help you purchase your first few things, as well as showing you how to attack and how to upgrade buildings. It will also show you how to spend Gems to make your life easier. You can spend some in the tutorial, but do not make it a habit to spend Gems! They will run out more quickly than you can notice.

Getting Started (Stage 1)

Now that you have completed the tutorial and have a basic knowledge of how everything works, we can move on to bigger and better things. The first thing you should do is upgrade your Town Hall to Level 3. It will stay at that level for quite a while then. Now, start upgrading mines and collectors. First, buy as many as you can. Then, start the upgrade on two of them. Do not use Gems to finish immediately.

Train a couple Barbarians in your Barracks and once they are done, attack the next Goblin village. Remember, only put down as many Barbarians as you think you will need; any Troops deployed are lost at the end of the battle, no matter if they have died or are still alive. Therefore, don't waste those Troops. Keep filling up your Army Camps with Troops and use them to attack some of the Goblin villages. However, if your storages are full, stop attacking immediately. By now, your upgrade should be finished and some of your mines and collectors level 2. Start upgrading your Barracks to level 2 now as well.

Since you have now been attacking a bit, you may be wondering what that big button does that says "Find A Match". Do not press this button! This button pairs you up with some random guy playing "Clash of Clans" that has a similar number of Trophies as you. Trophies are those golden cups that you should have 0 of right now. When attacking, you can get Trophies if you win, and lose Trophies when you lose. For more on how this works, see Raids.

Right now, you may be thinking, "Well, why should I not press this button?" You may also be thinking something totally different, but right now, we will just assume that is what you're thinking. To answer your your question, there is an obvious downside to attacking others on Multiplayer: It gets rid of your shield. To start the game, you get a 3-day shield and you want to take advantage of it in order to build up your village.

Over the next few hours, continually upgrade mostly your mines, collectors, and storages. You may want to consider upgrading Army Camps and Barracks, but your main focus should be mines and collectors right now. Don't even worry yet about defenses; these will come later. If you ever need any extra income, attack the Goblins. Keep doing this until you are down to 24 hours of shield...

Finishing touches (Stage 2)

Once you are down to only 24 more hours of shield, you need to start preparing your defenses. Buy the extra Cannon and Archer Tower available and start upgrading them. Also, buy the 50 Walls as well as the Mortar. You may have to attack a few more Goblin villages to get all the money for it. You should have enough time to upgrade all your defenses to max level for your Town Hall. Once you have finished that, upgrade your Barracks up to level 4 and your Army Camps to level 3. Now that you have to prepare for an imminent attack, lets set up your base for some basic defense.

Setting up your base

The key part for a successful base at beginner's level is one that protects the Town Hall. I created a picture of what would be a good base for the level on Clash of Clans Builder. This is just a base I would recommend, but you do not have to use this. The idea is to have Town Hall, storages, and defenses inside the walls for now. Make sure there are no empty 3 by 3 spaces inside your base... Opponents can spawn on these. They can also spawn on decorations, obstacles, or the part around the side where you can't place buildings. Here is the link, if you want to see mine: Note that this will not work on Internet Explorer

Quick Check

Right now, you should have a Town Hall level 3, 3 mines and 3 collectors hopefully already level 6 (maybe some still at level 5), 2 gold and elixir storages at least at level 5, two Army Camps Level 3, two Barracks level 4, two Cannons level 4, one Archer Tower level 3, your two Builder's Huts (of course), all your Walls and one Mortar level 1. If you are missing any of these things, quickly get them done!

Multiplayer (Stage 3)

Since you have plenty of time to prepare for your first attack, you can prepare well. Your first raids will be for trophies until you reach 1250 trophies. You should have 70 Army Camp spaces currently. In each of your Barracks, train 3 Giants and the rest Archers. By the end, you should have 6 Giants and 40 Archers. Once your shield has completely run out, you can finally click that "Find A Match" button. You will see your first match. If he has not read this or other strategy guides, there is a good chance he may not have many walls or other defenses yet. If you see that he has no walls, attack him. If not, click the "Next" button in the bottom right corner and it will take you to your next opponent.

Your first attack

Once you have found an opponent without many walls, check if he has a Mortar. If he does, deploy your Giants as close as possible to the Mortar. Giants target defenses first, so try to place them so that their first target will be the Mortar. Giants walk slowly and they don't deal much damage, but they have quite a lot of hitpoints (life), so they can soak up a great deal of damage. Once your Giants have destroyed the Mortar (which they should), check to see if you need to deploy your Archers. You may still have enough Giants left to destroy the rest of the defenses and the base. Be aware that there is a time limit, though. You have 3 minutes, and if you run out, the battle ends. If you think your Giants will not be able to destroy the base within 3 minutes, deploy a few Archers to help them out. Hopefully, after the battle is over, you will get a screen where you see "Victory" on top and 100% written across the three stars. There should also be the amount of resources stolen, and you will see how many trophies you have received!

Attacking again

For your next few attacks, you will use troops that take a shorter time to train and that are cheaper. Get yourself 35 Barbarians and 35 Archers. You will look again for bases without Walls and/or Mortars. If it has no Walls, get your Barbarians as close to the Mortar as possible and destroy that first. If it has no Mortar but Walls, let your Archers shoot over the walls and take out the defenses. You should know that you get trophies for winning. Anything between 1 and 3 stars is victory. No stars is a defeat which will cause you to lose trophies. You get your first star from getting 50% or the opponent's Town Hall, whichever comes first. You will get your second star from the other (50% or Town Hall and you will get your third star for getting 100%. Obviously, you get more trophies for more stars. Just keep attacking to get more trophies.

Your next moves (Stage 4)

Keep attacking other players. Remember to take advantage of that "Revenge" Button as well, if someone with a bad layout attacks you. You will see that occasionally people attack you with just one troop. Why are they doing that? Because they want to lose trophies. These people are called Farmers and they intentionally lose trophies to face weaker opponents so that they can get easy resources. But more about that later.

Also, frequently attack the Goblin villages so that you can get yourself some more resources. Try not to spend much as you will be saving up for your...yes, you guessed it. You're about to rebuild your Clan Castle! It costs 10,000 gold now, which may seem like a lot, but you will get it at some point. However, before you upgrade your Clan Castle, you need to upgrade your Town Hall to level 4. Once you have done that, start saving up for your Clan Castle. Since you have probably spent a lot of gold recently, you should have some leftover elixir. Use that to buy the Laboratory. It will be very useful later so you might as well get it now.

Clans (Stage 5)

Once you have rebuilt that Clan Castle by spending 10,000 gold, click on it, and then press "Clans". It will automatically show you a large selection of clans to choose from within your trophy range. You can join one of those if you wish. What I would recommend even more though, is joining a clan that focuses on something that you like or are interested in. For example, if you really like a certain football team, then search for a clan with that name and you will most likely see one that is appropriate for your trophy range and level. This way, you are in a clan with members who have the same interests as you.

This section will be added to soon.


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