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If you have few trophies, this guide can help you get some. This is my first guide.

Method 1: Dragons

Troops and Spells How many? Min Level X
Dragon 10 2 X
Lightning Spell 1 3 X
Rage Spell Rest of the available space 1 X

This is how to do it:

  1. Send the Lightning Spell on an Air Defense
  2. Deploy all Dragons
  3. Rage them as they go

Method 2: Archers with Golards

This method is good for TH8.

Troops How Many? Min Level X
Golems 2 1 X
Wizards 1/2 of remaining space 4 X
Archers Rest of the space 4 X


  • Combination of Healing and Lightning (Depends on how much you want)

How to do it:

  1. Drop the Lightning Spells on the Mortars and Wizard Towers
  2. Deploy the Golems
  3. Place the Wizards and Archers to do the damage whilst the Golems soak it up for them.

Method 3: Dragon Riders

This method is good for obtaining 15-30 trophies.

Troops and Spells How many? Min Level X
Dragons 6 2 X
Hog Riders 14 2 X
Healing Spell 2 3 X
Rage Spell 1 3 X

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