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Tier 1 Troops


The Barbarian is the first troop you unlock in the barracks. Barbarians are often used in mass compisitons, just like Archers. Level 1 Barbarians do 8 DPS (Damage Per Second) per Barbarian, and level 7 Barbarians do 30 DPS per Barbarian. They are good at health for early gamers, with level 1 having 45 HP, and level 7 having 125 HP. They are unlocked at Town Hall 1.

One of the best ways to raid with barbarians is to do them is mass compisitons, or use them as Meat Shield for characters like Archers. Make sure to spread them across the battlefield to make Mortars less effective!


Archers are the second troop in the barracks that you unlock. They are fragile, as a level 1 Archer only has 20 HP, and a level 7 has 48, which is very low compared to the Barbarian. And they don't do as much damage, a level 1 Archer's DPS is 7, and a level 7 Archer only does 25 DPS. However, they move at a speed of 24, 1 and a half times faster than the Barbarian, and can shoot from a distance and over walls. There is also a defense called the Archer Tower, which shoots arrows at any unit, ground or air, that comes in its range. They are unlocked at Town Hall 1.

It is best to have meat shields with Archers, like Giants or Barbarians.


Goblins are the 4th troop in the barracks, and are very selfish troops, and like to take out Resource Buildings over anything else, and they also do 2 times the damage when they attack a Resource Building instead of a different building! They zoom around at a speed of 32, twice as fast as the Barbarian! A level 1 Goblin does 11 damage and 22 to resource buildings, as a level 6 Goblin would do 42 damage, 84 to resources. Goblins, like Archers, also don't have much healh. 25 for a level 1 Goblin, 68 for a level 6 Goblin.

They are unlocked at Town Hall 2.

It is best to have them in mass compisitons, with some Wall Breakers included.

Tier 2 Troops


Giants are the 3rd troop unlocked in the barracks, and have a lot of health, making as excellect meat shields. They like to help out the others, and perfer to go to Defenses over anything else, but don't do a damage boost. But, a level 1 Giant would do 11 DPS, and a level 7 would do 50 DPS, making them better in groups. Remember I said they had a lot of health? Well, they do. A level 1 Giant has 300 HP, and a level 7 has 1,100, making good meat shields for Archers. They are powerful with Healers, making the infamous Giant-Healer Combo. They are unlocked at Town Hall 2.

Wall Breaker

Wall Breakers make the battle a ton easier as they do 40x damage to walls, making them perfect wall openers. They are not good in health, so put in some distractions then the Wall Breakers. To walls, Level 1 Wall Breakers do 480 damage, and level 7 Wall Breakers do 2,800 damage. But that is for walls. Divide that by 40 and you will get how much Damage they do to Buildings besides walls. They are unlocked at Town Hall 3.


Ah, yes, everyone likes hot air balloons! Except when your base gets raided by promoted Wall Breakers dropping Bombs on your defenses. They are the 6'th troop unlocked in the Barracks, and they are the first flying troop. Balloons at level 1 do 25 DPS and have 150 Health, and level 6 Balloons do 162 DPS and have 545 HP. They are unlocked at Town Hall 4.


One of my favorite troops like the balloon, the Wizard is fragile, but does massive damage! 50 DPS at level 1, 180 DPS at level 6, they are pretty good troops for Clan Castles as they do Splash Damage. A level 1 Wizard has 75 health, and a level 6 Wizard has 164. P.S. My profile pic is a Wizard!

Tier 3 Troops


The Healer is a troop that heals your ground units. They do not attack, regardless of their level and surroundings! However, it makes the battle easier when you have one or two. As I cannot get the levels of healing for now, The health of a level 1 Healer is 500 HP, and a level 4 Healer has 1,176 HP. It is used a lot with Giants, and this makes a very powerful army.


Since I do not have this troop, I cannot tell much about it. However, I know that a Level 1 Dragon has 1,900 HP + 140 DPS, and a Level 4 has 2,500 HP and 200 DPS.

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