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At Town Hall 8, 3-star raids start to become increasingly difficult, and as a result your base layout becomes more important as it becomes more possible to defend against common attack styles. 

In my experience, a good mid to max Town Hall 8 base can absorb multiple attacks from the enemy clan (sometimes even Town Hall 9 attackers) without giving them a 3-star victory. In fact, my Town Hall 8 war base went without any 3-star victories from Town Hall 8 players for a number of months. 

In the Offense section I talked about the major offensive strategies used by Town Hall 8 players in Clan Wars. One must understand these attack strategies in order to defend against them.

These attack strategies are as follows.

  • Dragon based armies.
  • Hog Rider based armies.
  • GoWi based armies.

General Tips

  • If you are a new Town Hall 8 and are serious about war, upgrade your Air Defenses first. Dragon armies are prevalent in early to mid Town Hall 8 attacks, if your Air Defenses are not up to par you will be 3-starred every single time.
  • Do not upgrade your Mortars and Wizard Towers until your Air Defenses are maxed. Mortars and Wizard Towers are very heavily weighted in Clan War matchmaking and a player with these towers upgraded will face a much more developed Town Hall 8 enemy. In addition these towers (Mortars especially) aren't very useful in Clan Wars. 

Defense Breakdown

Clan Castle

This building is best placed at the center of your base. Your Clan Castle is your base's most effective defensive building due to the power of the troops that can be garrisoned inside.

An off-center Clan Castle can distract Dragon armies but will be easy lures for GoWi or Hog Rider armies.


These defenses are best placed on the exterior of your base as a perimeter. These can also be used to exploit Hog Rider pathing to lead them into Giant Bombs deep inside the base. 

Archer Towers

Archer Towers are similar to Cannons, however their ability to attack air units makes them much more versatile. These can be placed on the perimeter like Cannons, or they can be scattered inside the base to offer support against Dragon armies.

Air Defenses

Not many people know how to 3-star, using dragons, a base with spread out Air Defenses. Do not place these defenses on the perimeter or in the core - Dragloon armies can easily 3-star either case (cored Air Defenses make 3-stars especially easy). 

The best place for these defenses is in a triangle just outside the core, with multiple Storages protecting them from the outside and also placed between them. The Town Hall is best placed between two Air Defenses to tank damage for them.


These towers are not useful for Clan Wars. Place them on the perimeter with your Cannons. 

Wizard Towers

These towers are useful for clearing out groups of Wizards and Hog Riders. Their exact position isn't important as long as they are spread out evenly. 

Hidden Teslas 

Hidden Teslas are great funneling towers, and are very effective defenses in their own right.

As an early Town Hall 8, I had success placing them in the corner of the map and watching the enemy dragons run out of time while flying toward them.

However, once they reach higher levels they are best placed within your base to quickly destroy P.E.K.K.As. I usually placed one or two inside my core, slightly behind the other buildings so that Wizards would not target my Hidden Teslas immediately.

It is best to be unpredictable with these towers as with traps. If your base is symmetrical, do not mirror your Hidden Teslas. You can also place one just outside your exterior walls to throw off Golems. 

Barbarian King

Place him inside your core with your Clan Castle. A centered Barbarian King is an asset against Hog Rider and GoWi armies, and placing him inside the core and near the Town Hall or Air Defenses will provide a suitable distraction for enemy dragons.

Air Sweeper

Place this tower inside your core. You can discourage the enemy from attacking from a certain direction by facing the Air Sweeper in that direction. 

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