The new Elixir troop unlocked in TH7: Dragon!!!

Hello everyone,

In this guide, I will feature a good way to max out Town Hall 7 like a boss in less than 3-4 months. I still have to max out my walls and my hog riders, but everything else is maxed out.

Hope you enjoy my guide and find it helpful,

Nirjhar Deb

NEW Resource... DARK ELIXIR!!! :)


In Town Hall 7, you are given the ability to collect a brand new, rare resource: Dark Elixir. In TH7, Dark Elixir can be used to buy/upgrade the Barbarian King and upgrade Dark Elixir troops (will be discussed later...). As every non-gemming TH7 knows, Dark Elixir is EXTREMELY hard to collect... unless you know the right strategy. Just to give you a warning... ZAPPING STORAGES IS NOT A STRATEGY (it used to be a great one though, until Supercell nerfed it!). Below is my #thuglife strategy!!!


  • Build a great base with a centralized DARK ELIXIR STORAGE. Keep your Barbarian King next to it if you already have one. Surround the storage with your Town Hall, Wizard Towers, and other defenses (not Mortars, as they have weak spots!).
  • Create a great ARMY COMPOSITION WITH SPELLS. If you want an idea of my army composition, refer to Ultimate Dragon Raid. Do not use Dark Troops in your army as they are very weak at this point and are truly a waste of Dark Elixir.
  • Max out the DARK ELIXIR STORAGE and DARK ELIXIR DRILL as soon as possible in order to increase the amount of Dark Elixir you gain every day!
  • Stay in a high league (at least Gold III) in order to get nice Dark Elixir bonuses!
  • Attack villages with at least 600-700 Dark Elixir everyday if you can. This will truly help you gain TONS of Dark Elixir!
  • Save up gems for boosting your DARK ELIXIR DRILL!
  • Last, but not least, always request for Clan Castle troops as they can sometimes save your vital Dark Elixir from being looted by raiders.

Hopefully, now that you know my Dark Elixir strategy, you should have no issue collecting the resource and becoming a boss at doing it! The order you spend Dark Elixir in really doesn't matter, but, of course, start with buying the legendary Barbarian King! :)

Upgrade/Build Priority Guide for Elixir!

In this section, I'll provide a guide for what to do with Elixir (other than removing obstacles or training Elixir troops) specifically for TH7!


  • Upgrade the Laboratory to Level 5. This will unlock all the new upgrades for your troops!
  • Build and then max out Dark Barracks. This will unlock two epic troops: Minion and Hog Rider! You'll need to spend a total of 2,100,000 Elixir to get these #THUGLIFE troops!
  • Build extra army camp. Max out all Army Camps (i.e., take all of the 4 camps to Level 6). This will result in a total of 200 Army Space. I really don't feel like telling the total price... calculations would be slightly long!
  • Upgrade Spell Factory to Level 3. This will unlock the insane Rage Spell! You'll need 800,000 Elixir for this!
  • Build the 4th Barracks. Upgrade all the 4 Barracks to Level 9. This would enable you to train Dragons in all 4 Barracks! Dragons are totally worth the 1,500,000 Elixir unlocking price!
  • Max out the Dark Elixir Drill and Dark Elixir Storage ASAP!!!
  • Upgrade all Elixir troops/spells (here, order depends on your army composition) in Laboratory as you progress in TH7.

I hope this "Elixir Guide" would truly help you out when doing Elixir-based builds/upgrades. I am sure you will be able to do these tasks under 3 months! The Gold tasks will take much, much longer... :)

Upgrade/Build Priority Guide for Gold!

In this section, I'll provide a guide for what to do with Gold specifically for TH7!


  • Build all the extra defenses, including the new Air Mine and Hidden Tesla!
  • Arrange your village to an epic TH7 layout!
  • Max out all Splash Damage towers (e.g., Wizard Tower, Mortar, etc.)
  • Max out the Single Target defenses (e.g., Archer Tower, Cannon, Air Defense, etc.)
  • Max out all Traps (e.g., Bomb, Air Bomb, Hidden Tesla, etc.)
  • Max out all the walls (do the ones closest to your Town Hall and Dark Elixir storage first!

This would take a little longer time than the Elixir upgrades, but it is totally worth it!

An Inspirational TH7 Layout for You!!! (I made the layout, and I named it Killer's Arena)

to be added

Attack Strategies particularly for TH7!

to be added

If you don't want to buy all the TH7 Dark Elixir purchases, then when should you go to TH8?

Go to TH8 when you have at least a level 3-4 Barbarian King (though I truly suggest you max him out to get his Iron Fist ability!) and Level 1 Hog Riders and Minions (these are not really important until late TH8 or early TH9). Other things should be maxed out as you'll really need a strong defense in TH8 to survive the punishments I, unfortunately, receive in TH7 because I am in the Gold I league. The punishment is... the Golems and Witches from TH8 & TH9 armies that 3-star my village every day. I have everything maxed out except a bunch of Walls and Hog Riders, so I really suggest that you thoroughly max out your Elixir and Gold upgrades if you don't feel like maxing out Dark Elixir upgrades.

Even though I am saying that it's sort of okay to not max out Dark Elixir upgrades, I really suggest you max them out in TH7 so you can start strong in TH8! :)

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