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Welcome to the guide Chief. Clans are an optional feature in Clash of Clans, but are highly recommended. Even better, it's great to create your own clan. This way you are not dictated by other members. But it comes with responsibility.

Starting a New Clan

Anyone can start a new clan, but what clan do you want to start?

Types of Clans

Before starting you should decide what type of clan do you want.

1. WAR CLAN: Competition is key. People always war and are competitive and get high scores.

2. Trophy Push Clan: Pushing to be high ranks.

3. Farming Clan: If there is a war they lose and only attack for loot. They also farm in multiplayer for loot. Don't expect to win wars here. Usually filled with good players who donate a lot.

4. FEEDER CLAN: Lower clan of the main clan. Lower skilled players will usually join and practice before moving up.

5. Donation Clan: People will join request and someone will give troops and kick them out. These clans are usualyl called MAX DONATORS, REQ AND GTFO or GIVE ME TROOPS. These clans have people with high donation counts and some come to get 25K, the amount needed to complete friend in need.

Experience Matters

Ask co-leaders how to run a clan. Gain experience. Act like a leader. The more you start acting like a leader, the more successful your leadership will be towards other members.

The Name

Names can never change, so choose wisely. Choose a good name that attracts players. Players like to see unique names. Do not:

  • Choose offensive names, like Roastin' Jews, this can lead to Supercell changing the name and banning all the members in the clan, regardless who did or did not choose this name
  • Choose names that are common, like BEST CLAN, JOIN MY CLAN, WARS HERE, MY CLAN, CLASH OF CLANS, NO NOOBS, PRO CLAN

Those such names turn away clan members, so avoid those names at all costs.

Clan Icon

Can always change the icon to best fit, but keep to one badge and don't change too much. You can now customize the designs for a unique badge.

Symbol 1 Symbol 2 Symbol 3 Symbol 4 Symbol 5
Symbol 6 Symbol 7 Symbol 8 Symbol 9 Symbol 10
Symbol 11 Symbol 12 Symbol 13 Symbol 14 Symbol 15
Symbol 16 Symbol 17 Symbol 18 Symbol 19 Symbol 20
Symbol 21 Symbol 22 Symbol 23 Symbol 24 Symbol 25
Symbol 26 Symbol 27 Symbol 28 Symbol 29 Symbol 30
Symbol 31 Symbol 32 Symbol 33 Symbol 34 Symbol 35
Symbol 36 Symbol 37 Symbol 38 Symbol 39 Symbol 40
Symbol 41 Symbol 42 Symbol 43 Symbol 44 Symbol 45
Symbol 46 Symbol 47 Symbol 48 Symbol 49 Symbol 50

Pattern 1 Pattern 2 Pattern 3 Pattern 4 Pattern 5
Pattern 6 Pattern 7 Pattern 8 Pattern 9 Pattern 10
Pattern 11 Pattern 12 Pattern 13 Pattern 14 Pattern 15
Pattern 16 Pattern 17 Pattern 18 Pattern 19 Pattern 20
Pattern 21 Pattern 22 Pattern 23 Pattern 24 Pattern 25
Pattern 26 Pattern 27 Pattern 28 Pattern 29 Pattern 30
Pattern 31 Pattern 32 Pattern 33 Pattern 34 Pattern 35
Pattern 36 Pattern 37 Pattern 38 Pattern 39 Pattern 40
Pattern 41 Pattern 42 Pattern 43 Pattern 44 Pattern 45
Pattern 46 Pattern 47 Pattern 48 Pattern 49 Pattern 50
Pattern 51 Pattern 52 Pattern 53 Pattern 54 Pattern 55
Pattern 56 Pattern 57 Pattern 58 Pattern 59 Pattern 60
Pattern 61 Pattern 62 Pattern 63 Pattern 64 Pattern 65
Pattern 66 Pattern 67 Pattern 68 Pattern 69 Pattern 70
Pattern 71 Pattern 72 Pattern 73 Pattern 74 Pattern 75
Pattern 76 Pattern 77 Pattern 78 Pattern 79

Background 1 Background 2 Background 3 Background 4 Background 5
Background 6 Background 7 Background 8 Background 9 Background 10
Background 11 Background 12


Descriptions are write to let people know about rules or mission of clan. Leader and co can change this anytime.

Positions in clan

There are 4 positions in a clan, member, elder, co-leader and leader. They all have their own functions. It's important to know all of them. Only one leader can exist, while 49 of the rest can exist, if they are solely that position only.


can kick as much as they want, can invite accept or reject requests for the clan, can start clan war searches, can send clan mail, update the description, promote members to elder or co-leader and demote co-leaders and elders

Leader can give leader to someone else, or their other account. If leader leaves, the longest-staying co-leader in the clan will become leader, that is joined and never left within ? days, if no co-leader, then elder and so on.


Promoted by leader or co-leader, can kick as much as they want, can invite accept or reject requests for the clan, can start clan war searches, can send clan mail, update the description, promote members to elder or co-leader and demote elders to member

Co-leader cannot kick out another co-leader. Remember to promote to co with caution, as you don't want your clan to be destroyed when someone kicks everyone out.

There can be multiple co-leaders (at max 49), or none at all. However it is recommended to have around 7 to 8 co-leaders, once your clan grows. The number of co-leaders your clan should have depends on the number of the number of members in your clan; small clans require lower amount of co-leaders.

Like the leader, a co-leader can invite clan-less members and accept or reject requests to join the clan.


Promoted by leader or co-leader, can kick member every 20 minutes, and can invite accept or reject requests for the clan


No power, and first when joining clan

Creating the clan

You need 40k Gold to create clan. Open create clan tab. Then choose clan name and symbol. You can fill the rest later.

Clan Name:**



Clan Type:

Minimum Trophies to Join:

War Frequency:

Clan Location:

Starting out

After you fill up this form, you will receive a message saying "You have successfully found a new clan". Obviously, you will be alone for now, but you can always get new members.

A random code will be given to you. Members can type in the clan code into the search bar to find just your clan. That way if too many clans have the same name, use the code.


Get some friends and ask them to help. You can create multiple accounts to recruit on more global chats. Keep the clan anyone can join and at 0 trophies so you can fill the clan up fast.

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