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Hello, welcome to my first guide. This is recommended to use at the start of the game.


Yay, you are now town hall 3. This is where the fun begins. Now that you are town hall 3, the first thing to do is save 10000 gold. You have to upgrade your gold storages and elixir storages to hold more resource to spend. Once your done, with that, build the clan castle, for 10000 gold.

The CC is built, join clans, do clan wars, attack your own level enemies and have fun.

Build the new defenses, walls, and army camps.

What to max

In this order

  1. Build the Clan Castle
  2. Build the mortar, it is maxed already at th3 upon construction.
  3. Army Camps
  4. Archer Tower
  5. Cannon
  6. 1 Gold Storage and 1 Elixir Storage
  7. 1 Barracks, to unlock Wall Breakers.
  8. Gold and Elixir Collector
  9. Walls


You get the Laboratory at Town Hall 3, good, now you can focus on upgrading troops now. At Town Hall 3, you have up to wall breakers in the barracks, so get those quickly.

  1. Barbarians
  2. Archers
  3. Goblins (optional)

Giants and Wall Breakers can be upgraded in the Level 2 Lab at th4.

War Composition

Alright, now it is time to war. Make a strong composition to attack similar bases to 3 star them in war. Having this foundation early, will put you up for success in the later town halls.

With 2 maxed army camps at 70 spots, a good war composition would be:

  • 6 Giants
  • 2 Wall Breakers (use these wisely on the walls)
  • 18 Barbarians
  • 18 Archers
  • Level 5-6 maxed hogs in cc OR Level 6-7 maxed balloons


  1. Lure the cc out with a barbarian.
  1. Bring the cc towards a lone barbarian attacking a building. If there are no buildings deploy them on the side until the cc is at the side.
  1. Surround archers around the cc to kill it.
  1. Deploy giants followed by wall breakers.
  1. Deploy your clan castle troops, those hogs or loons will wreck it.

Alright, simple enough, that's all folks!

Farming Composition

  • 35 Barbarians
  • 35 Archers

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