Welcome to the Town Hall 4 guide.


You are now th4. This is where the game center or google play attachment to the account becomes permanent. This is also the first town hall with the air defense tower.

What to max

In this order

  1. Build new buildings
  2. Clan Castle
  3. Army Camps
  4. Archer Tower
  5. Cannon
  6. Air Defense
  7. Mortar
  8. 1 Gold Storage and 1 Elixir Storage
  9. 1 Barracks, to unlock Balloons
  10. Gold and Elixir Collector
  11. Walls


New upgrades for Giants and Wall Breakers are available at th4.

  1. Giants
  2. Wall Breakers
  3. Balloons

The lv 3 barbarians, archers, and goblins are at th5.

War Composition

With 80 spaces, a recommended army would be:

  • 8 Giants
  • 2 Wall Breakers
  • 18 Barbarians
  • 20 Archers
  • The Clan Castle depends, if the air def is exposed outside walls, get 3 loons, if inside walls, get 3 hogs.

This army is very easy to use. Use the instructions from the last guide.

Farming Composition

  • 40 Barbarians
  • 40 Archers

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