Hello, welcome to the th5 guide.


Town Hall 5 allows you to have second base layouts for war and farming bases. This is the town hall where the wizard tower and the level 1 Spell Factory is unlocked. In addition, many turns in the game are in this town hall level and onwards.

What to max

In this order

  1. Build new buildings
  2. Army Camps (one can be Level 4, but if you want all to be 5, that is ok too!)
  3. 1 Barracks (for wizards)
  4. Archer Tower
  5. Air Defense
  6. Wizard Tower
  7. Cannon
  8. Mortar
  9. Traps
  10. 1 Gold Storage and 1 Elixir Storage, the second set must be Level 8, in order to upgrade the town hall.
  11. Gold and Elixir Collector
  12. Walls


New upgrades for th5 arrive in the level 3 lab.

  1. Barbarians
  2. Wizards
  3. Archers
  4. Goblins (optional)
  5. Lightning (at least level 2)

Note, that the lightning does not need to be maxed now because you will not get another upgrade until town hall 8.

Level 3 Giants, Balloons, Wall Breakers, and Wizards are at th6.

War Composition

With 130 spaces you could have:

  • 10 Giants
  • 4 Wizards
  • 2 Wall Breakers
  • 30 Archers
  • 10 Barbarians
  • 3 maxed hog riders
  • 1 Lightning Spell

If you have 135, add 5 archers.


  1. Deploy an archer to lure the cc out.
  2. Bring the archer to a side builder hut, most town hall 5+ have builders on the corners.
  3. Surround cc with archers to kill. If the cc has all archers get them into one bunch, and drop the lightning spell.
  4. Drop the lightning on the mortar or wizard tower. If the cc only has archers, drop the lightning on the archers.
  5. Deploy 1 Barbarian for each side builder that is left.
  6. Deploy the giants, followed by the rest of the barbarians.
  7. Deploy the Wall Breakers, with Wizards behind.
  8. Hogs last, prepare for that 3 star.

If used correctly, this comp is very good. You will help your clan a lot. By this town hall, you should have 25-75 war stars.

Farming Composition

65 Barbarians 65-70 Archers (depending if 130 or 135, respectively)

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