Welcome to the th7 guide.


You unlock the dragon, dark barracks with minions and hog riders, the Barbarian King, Teslas, rage spells, and a bunch of other features. You also unlock the third and final base layout selection for war and farming.

What to max

In this order

  1. Build new buildings
  2. Barracks
  3. Spell Factory
  4. Army Camps
  5. Dark Barracks
  6. Archer Tower
  7. Cannon
  8. Hidden Teslas
  9. Air Sweeper
  10. Wizard Tower
  11. Air Defense
  12. Traps
  13. Mortar
  14. 1 Gold and Elixir Storage (the other can remain level 8 for now!)
  15. Gold and Elixir Storage
  16. Walls
  17. Barbarian King (unlock it whenever, but upgrade along the way if needed)


This marks a turning point in what to max first.

  1. Archers
  2. Giants
  3. Wall Breakers
  4. Barbarians
  5. Wizards
  6. Heal Spell
  7. Healers
  8. Lightning Spell
  9. Dragons
  10. Balloons
  11. Hog Riders
  12. Rage Spell (optional to Level 4, but Level 3 is recommended)
  13. Minions (optional)
  14. Goblins (optional)

War Compositions

Start saving for dragons, spell factory level 3, and maxed army camp space before entering war.

  • 10 Dragons
  • 3 Lightning Spells
  • Maxed loons or dragon in cc
  • Barbarian King (if you have it)

This strategy is the only thing you should be using at th7.


  1. Drop the 3 lightning spells on one air defense
  2. Deploy your dragons towards the other two, keep in mind of builders huts.
  3. Deploy Clan Castle troops.
  4. Deploy king on one builder hut, opposite where your dragons went.

Easy 3 stars. Using this army, by the end of th7, you should have about 300-400 war stars.

Farming Composition

  • 100 Barbarians
  • 100 Archers


  • Farming comp of your choice

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