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Hello again, I am PetroJustin and this is my strategy guides for Gems !

How to Have Gems


Gems are rare to be have, exception is when you buy gems

  • It is important to earn achievements since you earn gems and experience .
  • Cleaning obstacles like stones and trees give you green gems .

Gems in Action

Gems in Action:

Useful things in Using Gems?

The useful things in Using Gems are:

Using Gems

Use gems wisely. Using gems wisely is an important way to save gems.

Gems, green gems. They aren't earned in multiplayer battles, campaign map, leveling up, or even in Clan Wars. a Tip is to clear obstacles, or even finish all achievements. Gems are really cool, actually.

Strategy to Save Up Gems

DO's and DONT's


  1. Save the gems given in the tutorial. You may want just to spend 10% of it.
  2. Do save it.


  1. Don't ever spend it when training troops and you suppose to give it to your clanmate. That is a waste of gems.
  2. Don't ever waste gems in buying walls.

How to earn More Gems

More Gems

  • Complete achievements.
  • Clear obstacles.
  • Clearly, you need to buy.



What to Do and Not to Do

Well, especially, do not waste the given gems in your tutorial because they are useful someday. Gems aren't toys, and they are only needed when you are in a rush or specifically, you have no more loot. Clearly, Gem Boxes are rare obstacles. Gem Boxes gives 25 gems.

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