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Total Newbie Guide Are you a total n00b to Clash of Clans?

Then you've definitely come to the right place!

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So you're a n00b and you don't know what to do?

Well, you're in luck! This chapter of the book is all about helping newbs in their first 72 hours. Start by following the tutorial. This should take you about 5 minutes. Now you've got 71 hours and 55 minutes to relax, right? WRONG! You're gonna have to do a LOT of work in those 3 days. Let me start by saying one hugely important thing; DO NOT ATTACK OTHER PEOPLE. In those days, you're gonna lose a lot of shield time if you attack. If you attack for the first time, you're gonna erase 3 hours from that shield. Now you get why I'm telling you this? You'll have less and less time if you attack, so don't! Except in the single player campaign. That won't remove your shield. More about this in the next section.

Should I do the single player campaign?

Of course you should! This is gonna be your steady stream of loot, whether you like it or not

After finishing the tutorial

As soon as you finish the tutorial, you should have already upgraded your TH to level 2. You should upgrade both your storages to level 2, or you won't have enough space to get 5,000 gold, which you need to change your TH to level 3. Now, finally, you've got the gold for the upgrade. Start upgrading the town hall. This should take 3 hours, so let's wait...okay, should be finished by now. Congratulations! You've now got a bunch of buildings that'll help you!

What to buy (in order)

  1. The mine and collector
  2. The storages
  3. All of the defenses
  4. The army camps

What to upgrade and to what level

  1. All collectors and mines to level 3
  2. All defenses to level 2
  3. All storages to level 4
  4. Both barracks to level 3
  5. All army camps to level 2

And then, you're pretty much set! This could've took you a day, so now you can spend the next day just farming up resources! Wait, never mind, you're gonna have to farm resources from the single player campaign! (Especially since your collectors are only level 3, and you need a bunch of loot.)

Single Player Campaign

WOOHOO! It's finally time to actually play the fun part of this game! ATTACKING! I bet you're breakdancing on the floor right now, huh? Well, anyway, let's go to the attacking part! Go into the Barracks and train 3 giants, 20 barbarians, and 25 archers (My creation: the GARBing strategy! IT'S ALIVE!) 6 minutes later... Ok, it's done! Now you have a gigantic army to attack.

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