This page shows an index of all RcExtract's Strategy Guides. Hope it will be useful to u and all the clashers.

I have just started this series so there is only a few contents. However, I will upload more in the future. Please don't edit any of my Strategy Guides unless specified or given permission.

Base Layouts

Some clashers simply place there buildings together and surround them with walls. Well, it is the worst base. If u cannot think of a good base for urself, here are some examples. I will post some guides about how to design a good base, too.

Table of Contents

Sorry. There is currently no base layouts. More will be posted in the future.

Building Strategy

Will you upgrade your laboratory first after upgrading your town hall 7? Sometimes you should, but sometimes not. Read these articles to finish town hall journey as fast as you can without rushing.

Table of Contents

# Strategy Name
1 TH7 Building Strategy

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