In this strategy guide, I will teach you guys what to build first, and the reason, if u have just upgraded your Town Hall to level 7.

Unlocks at Town Hall 7

These are the buildings unlocked at Town Hall 7:

  1. ×3 Cannons
  2. ×2 Archer Towers
  3. ×1 Mortar
  4. ×1 Air Defense
  5. ×50 Walls
  6. ×2 Bombs
  7. ×1 Giant Bomb
  8. ×2 Hidden Tesla
  9. ×1 Dark Elixir Storage
  10. ×1 Dark Elixir Drill
  11. ×1 Barrack
  12. ×1 Army Camp
  13. ×1 Dark Barracks
  14. ×1 Barbarian King

If there is any missing please comment below and i will add it.


Dark Elixir + Barbarian King

Dark elixir is a new type of resources unlocked at town hall 7. In town hall 7, the only thing that needs you to keep dark elixir for is the Barbarian King. Dark Troop Upgrades are not important in town hall 7. You probably should start keeping dark elixir while unlocking other features.

Dragon + Gold III League

There are many abandoned bases which are in Gold League, sometimes even more than the amount in Silver League. They can help you to gain resources because the collectors should be full and you can steal 50% of them. If you have just upgraded your town hall 7, but still in Silver League, it is recommended to boast your trophies a bit to reach 1400, and dragon is a good Helper. But it is strongly recommended to build the dark elixir drill first, then upgrade your barrack to level 9.


Buildings That Takes Less Time

You should build all the buildings that only takes for a short time to finish, like cannon, archer tower, etc. but not to upgrade them. I mean short time by not more than 4 hours.

Dark Elixir Drill

Dark Elixir Drill seems not to be a main character on keeping dark elixir to 10k, because it only generates 20 dark elixir per hour.

However, this is wrong. Let's say averagely every day 100 dark elixir is raided from your base. Every day dark elixir you received from the drill is 20 × 24h = 480. Therefore, every day the dark elixir you really stored is 480 - 100 = 380. To store 10k elixir you will need 10000 ÷ 380 ≈ 26 days. Then, let's say averagely every day dark elixir earned from raiding others is 100, then it takes 10000 ÷ (480 - 100 + 100) ≈ 20 days.

If you don't build dark elixir drill: Let's say averagely every day 10 dark elixir is raided from your base, and 100 dark elixir is raided from others, then you will need 10000 ÷ 90 ≈ 111 days.

Build dark elixir drill first.

Dark Barracks

Minions are important at raiding resources, hog riders are important on 3 staring th7 non-anti hog rider bases and lure cc reinforcements. Therefore, dark Barracks is important.

Dark Elixir Storage

Town Hall can help you to store a maximum amount of 2500 dark elixir, but this isn't enough for storing 10k dark elixir. Therefore, after 2 - 3 days, you should start this construction.

Dragon + Rage Spell

Dragon is very important on 3 staring town hall 7 - 8 bases, and clan wars, so unlock it after all the preparation of keeping dark elixir, if you didn't unlock dragon to boast your trophies. Rage spell can help dragons, too. Note that upgrading spell factory will cause you unable to produce spells in 4 days.

Laboratory + Defensive Buildings

Upgrade your laboratory. Then it's time to strengthen your base defense. There isn't any special guides on the priority of building defensive buildings. Meanwhile, upgrade your troops in the laboratory. I don't recommend you to upgrade your laboratory to level 5 before everything, because many buildings like dark elixir drill costs many elixir, and you will not have sufficient elixir to upgrade your troops while constructing those buildings.


In this section I will summarize the whole article by listing build priority for town hall 7. You don't need to strictly follow it.

  1. Dark Elixir Drill
  2. Level 9 Barracks (Trophy Boast)
  3. Dark Barracks
  4. Dark Elixir Storage
  5. Level 9 Barracks (Normal)
  6. Level 3 Spell Factory
  7. Laboratory
  8. Defensive Buildings

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