Wiki Reports Report:Ddion1 vandalizing

What is your username? -ross37

Please explain your report: -ddion1 keeps vandalizing my stuff and editing my profile.

Any other information: -

Staff Response: -

Unofficial Response

It seems as if this was provoked.

T-BaconMessage WallEditsClash of Clans10:22,6-Oct-2015

Look ar his edits. MetalBallers

I just did, and I am saying, it seems to be provoked.

T-BaconMessage WallEditsClash of Clans11:12,6-Oct-2015

I messaged him kindly, "Your strategy guide is up for deletion." and he got angry.

Exactly. He got angry because it shouldn't have. He didn't KEEP on doing it, it was ONCE T-BaconMessage WallEditsClash of Clans11:28,6-Oct-2015

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