Wiki Reports Report:Insulting User and plagiarising

What is your username? - Utkar22

Please explain your report: - This is to report Admiral. He started off cussing at Sportman10 in link 1. I told him not to on his message wall, but he removed the message. In the second link, he is calling the poster a retard, and I told him that I would take it to an admin. He started flaming on me. He then blocked me off his wiki, as you can see in link 3. In link 4 and 5, he is flaming on me, and trying to plagiarize from this wiki. There are various other threads in which he is trying to move stuff from this wiki to his wiki. You know what he means in link 6.

Any other information: - 1)






<Mega Charizard XIts me Utkar Talk To Me! Check This out! Wiki Clan 05:44,13-Jun-2016 Mega Charizard X 05:44, June 13, 2016 (UTC)

Staff Response: -Resolved

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