Wiki Reports Report:Reporting:Ross37

What is your username? - Zazme Yakuza (Mike)

Please explain your report: - I am reporting a user called Ross37 for making unnecessary reports and stalling.I want this user to be blocked because,he had been using the report page for unnecessary actions and he had been spamming the admins message wall to block a single user  

Any other information: - I hope that this user gets block soon and my suggestion for the block is 5 days  

Staff Response: -

Unnoficial Response:- Uh, He Didn't do anything. Why do you hate him so much?!? - -Ross37

He didn't do anything wrong, he does this on a normal basis, and it's not considered spamming.

  Above proves everything. Situation Closed.

Stan890 Talk Contribs Clash of Clans 02:31,17-Aug-2015

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