Wiki Reports Report:Suspected underage user

What is your username? -Ross37

Please explain your report: -User:The Legendary guy seems like he is underage. 

Any other information: -Bad grammar. Posting on own wall. 

Staff Response: Not enough proof. Discussion closed.

Bradyb1999 Message Wall Staff Wikia Rules Wikia Clan

Unofficial Response:

Don't accuse people of being underage just because of that. That guy is probably not very good at English or is new to the wiki. BTW, he only posted 1 thread on his wall, so you have no right to accuse someone that is underaged. -Shadow

He might not be a native speaker of English -Utkar

Is that enough proof? -Zegaloft

@Shadowwolf I didn't accuse him. Read the title of this one more time plz. -Ross

It says suspected underage user which means ShadowWolf171 is right about it -Zazme

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