Wiki Reports Report:hacked account

What is your username? -

Mego Jhugin.!

Please explain your report: -

On April 02, 2016 I receive an link from an unknown guy, It says that you can have free gem if you fill up the form completely for verification.I type my email address as well as my password because it was required.Then after, when I open my game account,I cant connect it to my email.And worst of it the hacker seems to be ruining my game,spending my gems and loots.Please help me recover my game and prevent him for ruining it.

Any other information: -

-I created my account in July 2015.

-My clan game is Ubec Mafia's.

-My townhall level is TH8.

My XP level is 90.

Staff Response: - Please forward this directly to Supercell. The wiki's Requests and Reports are for wiki related issues ONLY. We cannot solve in-game issues here as we are not Supercell.

Freeze Spell Zegaloft Talk Edits CoC Wiki 10:47,Apr-13-2016 Freeze Spell

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