Wiki Reports Report:the spell page section shows the "personal pages" tab instead of spells

What is your username? -Ross37

Please explain your report: -ok, i scrolled down to see if any spells needed to edit on the tab there. And i noticed it was actually listing Wiki Rules, Polices etc.

Any other information: -

Staff Response: - Please explain yourself in a way that we can understand. Scrolled down? What tab where?  Infinity323  Message Wall  Blog  Contribs  Rules and Policies   19:50, August 24, 2015 (UTC-5) 

Ok. Go to buildings/troops Go under spells. It shows "Wikia Rules" "Wikia Policies" etc. ~~~

No it doesn't. Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 6.43.51 PM

Bradyb1999 Message Wall Staff Wikia Rules Wikia Clan

My computer is retarded :P
Wierd table coc wiki

I'll talk to staff about the issue, even though it doesn't happen to me

Bradyb1999 Message Wall Staff Wikia Rules Wikia Clan

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