Wiki Requests Request:Adding a Player Profile Page? - Approved

What is your username? -


Please explain your request: - The last Supercell update provided (what I believe to be) some powerful information about Clash of Clan's players, the player profile.

I feel like it would be relevant to create a new page on the wiki regarding this profile window.

not sure if I should just request people to do it or offer to do it myself. this wiki's rights are very different than the ones I am used to

Any other information: -

First Draft located here:

the page was deleted as soon as I created it. I guess that means I hand you the work now and you create it.

Response: I think that is an excellent idea. Go ahead and create the page and let's see what we can do with it. Don't worry about adding links to it on other pages just yet, though; we can do that after we have the page put together.

Spsig 12:30, August 28, 2013 (UTC-7)

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