Wiki Requests Request:Change Picture title

What is your username? - Awesome Yoyo

Please explain your request: - I forgot to put a username after the picture I uploaded

Any other information: -

Administrator response: - What is the name of the image now? 60px-Spsig.png (talk) 23:23, 19-Jan-2015 (UTC-8)

Requester: My Mom Says I'm Cool

It should be named My Mom Says I'm Cool Awesome Yoyo


Response: I'm sorry, what do you mean by that?  

ShadowWolf171TalkContribsClash of Clans07:43,1/20/2015

Requester: So I was looking at how pictures were supposed to be named if its not related to Clash of Clans and the format was:

PictureName UserName

when naming the picture, I accidentally forgot to put the username so i was wondering if you could change it or how I can change it to put the username there

Administrator response: Done. 60px-Spsig.png (talk) 16:19, 26-Jan-2015 (UTC-8)

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