Personalized color scheme for Clash of Clans Base

What is your username? - sHinjikun

Please explain your request: - I noticed that there is only one color scheme for all the bases of the players of clash of clans. I wonder if the developers could add a feature wherein a player can modify the colors of his/her base BUILDINGS, WALLS, TOWN HALLS, TOWN FOLKS as well. It would not only add to the enjoyment of the players but would also be  a factor on the aesthetics of the game. so it would not look boring if oyur looking at a champion level base and they all look the same. Its just a request though.. Keep improving Clash of Clans. THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Any other information: -

Hi! Please post this in Dear supercell or the forums, requests are for the wiki itself and none of us have anything to do with supercell, thanks!

Japster Talk Contribs Clash of Clans 07:27,5/8/2014

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