Wiki Requests Request:Dokugan's Strategy Guide List - Complete

What is your username? - DokuganR/Dragoneye77 Dragoneye77 (talk) 06:24, July 23, 2013 (UTC) DokuganWall  07:39,6/7/2013 

Please explain your request: -  I would like my Strategy Guide listed on the Strategy Guide page. This is my map, completed with its one or two short sentences: 

Dokugan's Strategy Guide - Provides a full, complete strategy that range from building bases, attacking, defending and many other tips and tricks. 

Dokugan's Strategy Guide/Advanced - Is a continuation of Dokugan's Strategy Guide, providing higher level and much more advanced material than the original Guide.

Done.  Badw0lf007  Talk  Contribs  Clash of Clans   

Any other information: - Thanks in advance.

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