Wiki Requests Request:Image name change

What is your username? - Ababcdc1

Please explain your request: - Can you change file name Archers_and_Giants_Farming_Example.jpg to Ababcdc's_Strategy_Guides/Effective_farming_for_TH7's/Archer_and_Giants_farming_example?;

Can you change file name Ababcdc's_Strategy_GuidesEffective_farming_for_TH7's_Dead_base_example.jpg to Ababcdc's Strategy Guides/Effective farming for TH7's/Dead base example.jpg

Any other information: -The '_' might be spaces. I'm not familiar with how images are named.

If it's a personal request for your guide, please message an administrator instead of making a request page. I can't change it to that name, because I think the slashes are not allowed in file names.

 Infinity323  Message Wall  Blog  Contribs  Rules and Policies   18:35, April 23, 2015 (UTC-5) 

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