Wiki Requests Request:More Random Pages for "Random Page"

What is your username? - ChiefDrewClash

Please explain your request: - I would like for the pages to be more random for the Special:Random page.

Any other information: - Came across the same page at least 5 times; it was very annoying.

Sorry as we cannot do anything about where the Random Page link leads, as it is random :3 I myself have landed on the same page a few times in a row also but there is no way to fix it. All the pages on the Wikia are on Random Page. To fix it just keep clicking it :p

Bradyb1999 Message Wall Staff Wikia Rules

Okay. That's a little disappointing but... ChiefDrewClash Talk 17:06 19 September 2017 Clash of Clans

Actually we cannot control the CSS element created inside the Random Page element,and suppossedly our wiki is really composted of attack strategies.

Zazme Yakuza Contact Me Edits 00:21,10-May-2015

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