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Wiki Requests Request:Please Delete these 2 pictures

What is your username? - Awesome Yoyo

Please explain your request: - I want to delete these two pictures because I uploaded better versions of them.  Also, the replace button didn't work because it was a different format (it was .png not .jpg) so I had to upload it again. I know you guys don't like duplicate pictures and you delete them and I don't want you to delete the pictures in use. Thanks :)

Any other information: - Here are the links for both pics. 

Done. Next time, message one of the admins instead of creating a request page. Request pages are normally used to suggest a change to an article or the wiki "system."

 Infinity323  Contact Me  Blog  Edits  Rules and Policies   11:02, April 13, 2015 (UTC-5) 

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