Wiki Requests Request:Talk pages instead of message walls

What is your username? -Ross37

Please explain your request: -I think we should have talk pages. It is simpler and doesn't cause lag. 

Any other information: -No.

Staff Response: -We have no control of the message walls as they are implanted in the wiki. I also don't think it's needed and overall everyone loves message walls. I also no not notice a lag issue unless the message itself is long, has lots of coding, or stuff like that. Can you give a little more info on why you want this change.


Response: Talk pages, you can just post something with just a page to talk on basically, you can be a whole page instead of threads to close for being Off topic, but there is no topic.


Is that not what forums are for? And if you really want to chat without a topic, you may create a message wall for you guys to just talk.


Yes, i see your point. But, talk pages are more simple then message walls. Just leave a post leave a post. It is not like create threads every time.


I am confused… you can leave a post on a message wall while not creating a new thread. It's not like you have to create a whole new thread to talk on a message wall, just stay on the same thread.


in message walls, they have to create threads over and over to tell you stuff. It is not like people create a thread called, "Talk Here".


But you can… just do that instead of having to create a whole other talk page that isn't needed. Just create the "talk here" thread


In talk pages, you don't get a notification, and to reply, you have to go to the other users talk page.


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