Wiki Requests Request:Too Much Non-sense content.Adding some Advice

What is your username? - Yakuza Zazme

Please explain your request: - I want to ask if there were many non-sense content on my page

Any other information: - Please Give me Some Advice in the comment section below

Sincerely Yours: -

Zazme YakuzaTalk

Contribs 04:38,3-Feb-2015

Response: What do you mean by "nonsense on your page"?

 <span style="<span style="<span style="<span style=" <span style="<span style="Contribs <span style="<span style="Clash of Clans 04:40,2/3/2015

Yakuza Response: There were too many contents

<span style="<span style="

Zazme Yakuza


Contribs 07:54,3-Feb-2015

Bradyb1999 Response: Do it yourself? If you don't want crap on your page just remove it. If you mean the home page that's not even big.

Bradyb1999TalkContribsClash of Clans

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