Wiki Requests Request:page name change

What is your username? -dickey lickey

Please explain your request: I want my original name back it was king Eric

Any other information: -my brother changed it when I was sleeping and I want my old name back

Staff Response: -I think he means in-game. If this is the case we are not able to rechange your name as you may only change it once. We have no control on what you change it to or how many times you can change it. Sorry.

Bradyb1999 Message Wall Staff Wikia Rules

Unofficial response:

Hey, Ericday21! Stop lying. Your username wasn't "dickey lickey". Also, I added a reason on the {{Delete}} template that Stan890 put.

AStranger195 Talk Contribs Clash of Clans 11:25, Jun 26, 2015

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