Hello! I am Ross37, and i have a guide for you today! Base layouts are very important when defending. A win or a lose at 50% or 49% is good, showing you that you base is good and you will be able to defend against the attackers that come your way. 

Dark Elixir Farming Base Defense


Over there is Zegaloft's base for farming. He has his Traps set up by his Dark Elixir and smartly, he has his Mortars in the middle to wipe out Tier 1 Troops that go inside his base. July 1st Update: Dark Elixir Storages, Gold Storages, and Elixir Storages, can no longer be zapped by the Lightning Spell that was super annoying.

Gold Farming Base Defense


This is my farming base for gold. As you see, my traps are located inside my base, and have a Bomb equally in each corner of the Archer Tower's placement. I also, have my Air Defense inside by the gold to stop people air raiding me with Dragons, or Minions. Each side by my Wizard Towers have a Skeleton Trap one on air, and one on ground. I did this to most likely prevent my base from Wall Breakers that try to hit my walls and Giants from smashing my defense. You can then place your Giant Bombs where ever you like, sense i didn't know where to put them throughout this gargantuan base.

Elixir Farming Base Defense


Here is another one of my farming bases. This one is Elixir. As you may see, i have my Bombs outside my Collectors to protect them from level 3 Archers that attack. I also have, Spring Traps by my defenses and one Dark Elixir Drill to protect it from Giants and sneaky Archers. My Air Bombs are next to my Gold Storage and the other is by Gold Mines. My Buildings are symmetrical to each other. Such as, my Archer Towers and Wizard Towers, Mortars and Mortars, etc. And my Air Defenses are in the corners of my base instead of in the middle.

Trophy Pushing Base


This is Infinity323's base that is considered a Trophy pushing base. He has his X-Bows in the middle on ground & air. He has 3 Archer Towers in the middle also. One is by the X-Bow to provide a distraction, and 2 by the Hidden Teslas to troll people :3. His Air Bombs are by 2 Archer Towers to pop some balloons or minions that come by. Furthermore, he has his Clan Castle in the right-middle side to come out and fight the enemy Troops. His base weakness is, if you put down a hog rider, it will be lured out. Yet, he has his Barbarian King by the Dark Elixir Drill, Wizard Tower, Builder's Hut, Cannon, Gold Mine, Dark Barracks, Barracks, and an Elixir Storage. His Archer Queen is doing the same with different buildings. Also, his Giant Bombs and Bombs are placed well by the Mortar, Dark Elixir Storage, and the Cannons. His Air Defense is close by the outside to get a close up and defeat the air troops before they get close into the base. His Mortars are close to the side protecting his Army Camps from any troop except air ones. His Cannons are protecting the places by the Archer Queen and Barbarian King to give them more support. Infinity's Wizard Towers are protecting the loot and some defenses that are single target with some splash damage against attacking groups of Tier 1 Troops. He has 2 Skeleton Traps by his Cannons and Wizard Towers from air Troops that raid him.

War Base


This is T-White's epic Clan Wars base i will feature. He has his Hidden Teslas by his Barbarian King, Clan Castle, and his Cannon. But, his Skeleton Traps will provide a good distraction by the Cannon right next to the Town Hall. He has his Clan Castle in the middle so it cannot be lured out by enemy troops. His Barbarian King is protecting the Town Hall mostly from tier 1 troops. His Mortars are on the bottom and side by some Defensive Buildings and Resource Buildings. The Archer Tower placement are protecting the Mortar from being ganged up on by Giants and Golems because the archer tower can reach where the mortar cannot.


Thank you for reading my strategy guide, Chief. I hope this has helped you and have an awesome day!!!


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