Base TH2 1

My Base

At Town Hall 2 and 3, your bases are easy to raid, easy to get by with a rush, easy to crush. But, there is one bad thing: LOOT. Raiders want loot, so if you are defending, your loot will probably be in the 2 thousand sectionTH3 or 1 thousand rangeTH2. My base (потpяcaющиe) is easy to defeat, but I have my 3 day shield, and is fine gaining loot from collectors. You can spend, or save your gems from the start of the game. Saving means you can save up for town hall 11!!! But, that will happen 6 years on 2017 on the 18 of 08. So, I spend the gems.
Use them on these ONLY:
Gold Storage ✔️
Elixir Storage ✔️
Elixir Collector ✔️
Gold Mine ✔️
Cannons ✔️
Archer Towers ✔️
Army Camps ✔️

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