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Current Sneak Peeks

  • Sneak Peek #1

The new Lightning Spell level 7 ravages buildings and troops alike! See it in action:

Sneak Peek Lightning 7

Forum exclusive: The Army Overview button is now also visible from the Clan War map

  • Sneak Peek #2

Improved Lightning, Poison, Earthquake and Freeze spells! Check out the changes we made:

Sneak Peek Reworked Spells

Forum exclusive: Freeze Spells now also affect defending air troops

  • Sneak Peek #3

Twenty-five new Wall pieces have been added to Town Hall level 10! And check out the brand new look of the level 11 walls, goodbye electric blue! More info here:

Sneak Peek New Walls

Forum exclusive: Lava Hounds can no longer target air troops

  • Sneak Peek #4

Total Destruction is now a Clan Wars tiebreaker – if the score is even at the end of the war, the Clan with more destruction percentage in their best attacks will be the victor! More info here:

Sneak Peek War Tiebreaker

Forum exclusive: Titan III and Titan II Leagues can now buy 1 week shields from the Shop


Previous Sneak Peeks

June 2015 Sneak Peeks

  • Sneak Peek #1

Dragon level 5 sets its golden gaze on Town Hall 10!

Sneak Peek Dragon 5

Forum exclusive: A second Air Sweeper will help clear the skies, starting at Town Hall 9!
Forum exclusive #2: Train your army with a new Training button just above Attack - no more Barracks-hunting!

  • Sneak Peek #2

New Leagues are here, including the Legend League Tournament and Legend Trophies!

Sneak Peek New Leagues

Forum exclusive: Legend League Tournaments are a new challenge for top players! Read a note From the Dev's Desk: Legend League Tournaments

  • Sneak Peek #3

The Dark Spell Factory is here! Harness Dark Elixir to make spells with advanced tactics, starting at Town Hall 8

Poison spell: Make a toxic cloud that slows and drains the health of defending troops

Sneak Peek Poison Spell

Forum exclusive: Extra Spells can now be queued in Spell Factories, even if your Spell Storage is full!

  • Sneak Peek #4

Earthquake Spell: Rattles away the hitpoints from buildings and Walls!

Sneak Peek Earthquake Spell

Forum exclusive: All resource storages are now immune to all direct spell damage!
Forum exclusive #2: You can now filter offensive Clan Chat by enabling the Clan Chat Filter in the Settings.

  • Sneak Peek #5

Haste Spell: The fastest speed boost ever, at half the storage space of a Rage Spell!!

Sneak Peek Haste Spell

Forum exclusive: Arabic and Traditional Chinese languages are now supported!

April 2015 Sneak Peeks

  • Sneak Peek #1

Coming soon: Name change and more! Stay tuned for Sneak Peeks!!

Sneak Peek IGN Change

  • Sneak Peek #2

Clan Bookmarks! Bookmark up to 30 Clans, compare and view them easily at any time!!

Sneak Peek Clan Bookmarks

Forum exclusive: Clan chat now shows when Clan settings are changed, indicating who changed them.

  • Sneak Peek #3

Push back groups of flying enemies with a brand new defense: The Air Sweeper!

Sneak Peek Air Sweeper

Forum exclusive: You are now more likely to find targets at or near your Town Hall level in multiplayer matchmaking.

February 2015 Sneak Peeks

  • Sneak Peek #1

Introducing the Cannon level 13! It packs a punch and takes a lot of damage!

Sneak Peek Cannon 13

Forum exclusive: Healers no longer trigger air traps - just keep clear of Air Defense!

  • Sneak Peek #2

Make your clan stand out! Craft a clan badge with your choice of pattern, background and border!

Sneak Peek Clan Badges

Clan Castle troop deployment is no longer prevented by tapping on obstacles or decorations.

  • Sneak Peek #3

Soon your clan has full control of Clan Wars!

Sneak Peek Clan Wars

Forum exclusive: See a preview image of any player's Village from their profile, without having to visit.

  • Sneak Peek #4

Clans are leveling up! :) Level up your clan and earn perks, prestige and fancy badges!

Sneak Peek Clan XP

Introducing: Clan Perks

Christmas 2014 Sneak Peeks

  • Sneak Peek 1
Sneak Peek 1 Christmas is coming
  • If you see these magical trees, don’t cut them just yet - are they growing presents?
  • Under attack? You can now watch a live replay while waiting to load your Village!

  • Sneak Peek 2
Sneak Peek 1 Level 12 collector

  • Sneak Peek 3
Sneak Peek 3 archer tower update
  • The weather forecast in Clash predicts ARROW showers!! Twice the arrows, but each does half the damage! Old vs. New:
  • Inferno Tower engineering 2.0 – soon your Inferno Towers will shoot for a longer time with the same amount of Dark Elixir!

  • Sneak Peek 4
Sneak Peek 4 giant 7 update
  • He’s big, he’s furious and he’s coming soon! Level 7 Giants are stomping into Town Hall 10!!
  • Hero ability icons now show remaining hitpoints and will start flashing when low - use their ability to recover some HP!
  • Compare your clan to others in clan local leaderboards!

  • Sneak Peek 5
Sneak Peek 5 layout editor update
  • Save multiple layouts for your Village and War Base!! Switch, copy and edit layouts at any time - even finish later!

Halloween 2014 Sneak Peeks

  • Sneak Peek 1
Sneak Peek 1 2014-10 Halloween is coming
  • A spooky update will soon descend upon Clash! What is underneath that headstone…?
  • The Halloween 1-gem Spell Factory boost will be back! What other tricks and treats lie in store?

  • Sneak Peek 2
Sneak Peek 2 2014-10 Boost Improvements
  • Maintenance break = automatic boost pause (Spells, Barracks & Heroes). Remember to tap the “Resume” button when you go online to keep the boost going! #ComingSoon
  • Soon all army boosts will pause automatically when the game goes to maintenance. Check out how it works!

  • Sneak Peek 3
Sneak Peek 3 2014-10 Clan Settings
  • New clan settings & advanced clan search! Set a location (by country or international), war frequency, member count and more!
  • Clan search improvements!! Search other Clans by war frequency, location, member count and trophy limit!

  • Sneak Peek 4
Sneak Peek 4 2014-10 Clan Tag
  • Soon each clan will have a unique tag! Having troubles finding a specific clan? Do a search via hashtag and get the exact result you need!

  • Sneak Peek 5
Sneak Peak 5 2014-10 Skeleton Trap
  • Last but not least: the Skeleton Trap! Ambush and distract your enemies with a small group of Skeleton troops!

Source: Clash of Clans Facebook

September 2014 Sneak Peeks

  • Sneak Peek 1
  • Soon you can upgrade a row of walls in one go! Walls level 6+ can also be upgraded with Elixir instead of Gold - your choice!!

  • Sneak Peek 2
  • Take BARCHing to a whole a new level! Level 7 Barbarians and Archers coming soon to a barracks near you!

  • Sneak Peek 3
  • Coming soon to a village near you, Dark Barracks level 6!!! I wonder what's training inside...

  • Sneak Peek 4
  • What's this creature that hides in the dark?
Sneak Peak I Smell Fireworks
  • I smell fireworks ...

  • Sneak Peek 5
Sneak Peak LavaHound

Introducing: The Lava Hound!!! This pyrotechnic pooch loyally targets the nearest Air Defense!

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