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Current Sneak Peeks

There are no current sneak peeks, as all have been incorporated into the Lava Hound update.

Previous Sneak Peeks

September 2014 sneak peeks

  • Sneak Peek 1
  • Soon you can upgrade a row of walls in one go! Walls level 6+ can also be upgraded with Elixir instead of Gold - your choice!!

  • Sneak Peek 2
  • Take BARCHing to a whole a new level! Level 7 Barbarians and Archers coming soon to a barracks near you!

  • Sneak Peek 3
  • Coming soon to a village near you, Dark Barracks level 6!!! I wonder what's training inside...

  • Sneak Peek 4
  • What's this creature that hides in the dark?
Sneak Peak I Smell Fireworks
  • I smell fireworks ...

  • Sneak Peek 5
Sneak Peak LavaHound

Introducing: The Lava Hound!!! This pyrotechnic pooch loyally targets the nearest Air Defense!

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