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So welcome to my strategy guide page, Chief Chief!

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'Do not edit this page unless you have my permission. Grammar edits and delete' ones that are out on sync with the current update is allowed, however.

This is my personal experience with Clash. So if you find something not right, please only comment or leave a message(the link is on the top). Please do not make huge changes.

Introduction and overview

So Clash of Clans is basically a cycle: Get resources-->Get upgrades-->Easier to raid/More resource production/Harder to beat your base-->Even more resources-->Even cooler upgrades!
  • Bigger, Bigger, Even better.
  • low levels....
  • super shiny flashy awesome high levels!

Yeah, there's lots of other small branches on the cycle and I don't want to list them all out. Clans also matter. They can give you extra troops( The defender will be like,hey, seriously, maxed hogs on my village?) and you can also help your friends out. Also, clan wars are really really great and you can get epic loot bonuses and super cool flashy stars (plus you can share your epic wins and fails in your clan) and a personal chat room!


Find pages you may like/need right here.

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Sovalite (talk) 12:47, November 24, 2015 (UTC)

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