This guide will be about clans.

Reason: Adding Content.

What is a clan?

Basically, a clan is a community of players that is commanded by a leader , who is helped by co-leaders and elders.

In a clan, you can;

  • Chat in your clanmates;
  • Share attacks/defences of you on the chat board;
  • Make a friendly challenge and challenge one of your clanmates;
  • Request and donate troops
  • Scout your clanmates and see more information about them.
Also, if you are in a war, you can also;
  • Donate troops to your clanmates, which is going to be your defensive troop, on the preparation day;
  • Attack enemy base up to twice during battle day.
As an elder, you can also;
  • Kick out members of your clan (20min cooldown);(Not recommended)
  • Invite players to your clan;
As an co-leader, you can also;
  • Kick out members and elders for no cooldown;
  • Change all clan info but the clan name;
  • Send clan message(16hr cd);
  • Promote anybody to elder/co-leader;
  • Search for clan wars.
As the leader, you can;
  • Demote co-leaders;
  • Promote other co-leaders to clan leader; But take caution, since the player you promoted might not give you the leader back.

Clan War

Clan War can be quite complicated, especially in large numbers.......

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