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A quote from my teacher, there's no doubt that different things are used differently.

Yeah, different troops can be used in different situations to achieve different goals. BArbarian,aRCHer is good in numbers and they are relatively cheap but vulnerable to splashes; P.E.K.K.A is good in CWs(Clan wars)and will do tons of damage and can tank up lots of damage, but they are expensive.

So let's get into it!


"This fearless warrior relies on his bulging muscles and striking mustache to wreak havoc in enemy villages. Release a horde of Barbarians and enjoy the mayhem!"


My current level of barbarians: 5

So, barbarians(sometimes referred as barbs) are the first troop you unlock(in the tutorial). They have low health(higher than other tier 1 tho), do low damage(also higher than archer), move moderately BUT they are cheap, don't take a lot of spaces(only 1 means you can get hundreds of them). Powerful in hordes. 

Their AI is easy: Any buildings they are closest from will be targeted. However, clan castle troops can distract them. They can be used as a 'tank' for point defenses.

It is also used for farming quite a lot because they are cheap and fast.

Sometimes one or two barbarians are placed to distract clan castle troops or heroes.

As a CC defending troop, it is cheap and don't take a lot of spaces. Some starter clans give them to each other a lot. It is also donated by a lot Req N' GTFOs.


Against defenses:

  • Against cannons: 4
  • Against archer towers: 4
  • Against mortars: 1.5(Can move into blind spot)
  • Against air defense: 5
  • Against wizard tower: 1
  • Against air sweepers: 5
  • Against hidden teslas: 4

Clan castle rating:

  • Low space(10-20) 4
  • High space(20-30) 3
  • Tanking: 3(Especially against points, but when they are in target of wizard towers, god luck)
  • Clearing: 3.5(Good damage, good amount of health, vulnerable to giant bombs though)
  • Back up: 2(They always walk to the first line of fire...or they just go around the base...)

Using a pure barbarian army

It is likely that you come across a full barb army in the beginning. So these are the procedures:

  • CC lure. If you are low th and you come across a base with, like maxed wizard guarding it, completely ignore that base. Taking a few archers are always recommended. But don't forget this is a full barb attack......and don't take hundreds of archers with you...
  • Think what they might crush. Try to think where they are going to go in the 30 mins.
    • If you think they are going around a base, check for any 2&2 gaps. There may be giant bomb that will ruin you. Skip this part if your opponent is less than or equal to th 5.
  • ATTACK! bringing a couple heal spell is always help. If you don't have them, that's totally fine. Then you spread them out.
  • ATTACK 2! If you're in low league(and the opponent is weaker than weakth5), then let your barbs go straight for the only mortar(assuming there's no Wizard Towers). Then if you successfully crush the mortar, you will probably get 2 stars, and at least one(unless the base is anti-barb which might be common in the low lvls).
  • This strategy is not for trophy push(unless you use strategy 2) but it is fast and easy. Good for farming. I mean, great for clearing collectors and pumps.


"These sharpshooters like to keep their distance on the battlefield and in life. Nothing makes them happier than single-mindedly taking down their target."


I have level 4 archers by now.

Archers(sometimes referred as arch) are the second troop you should unlock(I mean, it is still possible to get a dark barracks before you get a level 2 barracks......However that is just weird).They have one of the lowest health out of all troops, do like the smallest damage but they move fast and archer rush will almost guarantee you a 1. Some people actually use archer rush to even titan! They also don't take lots of space, 240 of them in a maxed army camp is fine, plus the extras from queen ability and CC. Quite powerful in numbers. They are ranged-- they can shoot over walls.

Their AI is a little complexed. Any buildings they are closest from where they can attack will be targeted. However, clan castle troops can distract them. They can used as backups since a mortar hit can't hit both barbs and them (it is rare to have them on the same line of fire). However mortars may one shot archers.

It is often donated by clans of any kind. They are good CC troops. Sometimes they will get behind walls and shoot from there causing troops attacking wall to attack the archers. Unfortunately, they always forget doing this.

The Classic circle of arches is a killing quad that is made entirely out of archers. Wizards and Valkyries can only destroy 2 of them(or even 1) at a time which makes their splash not as effective. You just make a circle of about 20 archers at maximum away from defenses.


Against defenses(they are quite useful in real battle because defenses are always walled):

  • Against cannons: 3.5
  • Against archer towers: 3.5
  • Against mortars: 1
  • Against air defense: 5
  • Against wizard tower: 0.75
  • Against air sweepers: 5
  • Against hidden teslas: 3.5

Clan castle rating:

  • Low space(10-20) 4
  • High space(20-30) 3.5
  • Tanking: 1.5(Weak, too weak, always go behind troops)
  • Clearing: 3(small damage, small amount of health, vulnerable to giant bombs, but can clear the buildings inside walls without breaking the wall)
  • Back up: 4(Ranged and ranged is the secret to back up)

Archer rush

Well, It is a 1 star attack. Unless the town hall is outside, it is hard to even get a 2 star(Especially at higher levels). But you can make like 3 waves of them in an hour and they are cheap--You won't run out of anything. It is also good for farming(Well RIP to farming in the new update).Remember that don't use your lightnings every time as lightnings are quite slow, especially don't use them when you farm.

  • CC lure: Not that necessary. If you are sure your archers won't bother the CC, then don't lure! It is just a waste.
  • Find any lone buildings. Always pick the one in the corner and the ones that defenses won't reach.
  • Get the archers around the base! Let them go as far from the defenses as possible. Try spawn them in 2 waves since there are always mortars. Also don't try to clump like 30 archers in one place... If they walk right onto a giant bomb, well yeah.
  • Then, put your remaining ~30 archers on a place that is not well defended and not having much health left. You should at least achieve 43% at this time. If it is less than 45%, your lightning probably won't take you to 50% so Surrender. If you are already at 50 after this point, end battle.

    What you want to target.

  • But your lightnings. Always go for the army camp and builder's hut since they have low health. If you find something that is also on low health, then go for it(just make sure you can destroy). You should be at 50% then. If you are farming and already get the resources you need, then you may skip this part.


"These big guys may seem calm, but show them a turret or cannon and you'll see their fury unleashed! Slow yet durable, these warriors are best used to soak up hits."


Giant level 4.

Giants are unlocked when you have a level 3 barracks. They are tanking units and take a quite spaces(5) but they prioritize defenses above all other buildings. They can take a couple hits and healing spells works quite well with them. Also they are cheap and sometimes used to get to the center of the village for farming. A group of them are quite powerful, it take a while for them to die and a large group can mow down everything. However, due to their slow movement and also the seem to clump, spring traps works well bouncing their sky high. Also walls slow them down efficiently and there will be more time for the wizard towers to mow them down. At every level, they may be more powerful and useful than you might think.

They always go for the nearest defensive buildings(Cannons, Archer Towers, etc.)(Walls doesn't count as a defense here) and will skip any other things. After all of the defenses are cleared out, they go for the nearest thing and will be attracted by any troops like a barbarian.

They are quite good CC troops, both on offense and on defense. High level giants(especially the black-haired ones) can really take the enemies' defense out and have lots on health (take a while to destroy m=by troops). They can't target air though. And they take up 5 spaces. But they are typically donated a lot because they are cheap, fast, useful, and can fill up your CC quickly.


Against defenses(they are quite useful in real battle because defenses are always walled):

  • Against cannons: 3.5
  • Against archer towers: 3.5
  • Against mortars: 3
  • Against air defense: 5
  • Against wizard tower: 3
  • Against air sweepers: 5
  • Against hidden teslas: 3.5

Clan castle rating:

  • Low space(10-20) 4.5
  • High space(20-30) 4
  • Tanking: 4.5(Lots of health and walk straight on defenses)
  • Clearing: 2(Way too slow and do small damage, but immune to giant bomb that may be around though.)
  • Back up: 1.5(If giants are back ups, what are the front-lines?)

All giant attack is not available. Please check for some information later.


Wall Breaker(WB)






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