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  • Official Clash of Clans announcements can be found here. Only staff members should post new threads here.

    • 30 threads
    • 1,466 posts

    Last post by Khmer kmeang 23:05, January 21, 2017

  • Want to share something that's just been posted on this wiki, or congratulate somebody for an outstanding contribution? This is the place! Only staff members should post new threads here.

    • 59 threads
    • 5,960 posts

    Last post by MagmaHound 12:54, January 19, 2017

  • Have an great idea for the game? Post it here!

    • 2,875 threads
    • 26,321 posts

    Last post by Buffon1a 13:38, January 19, 2017

  • This board is for general conversations about the wiki.

    • 1,239 threads
    • 9,464 posts

    Last post by Zegaloft12 00:51, January 22, 2017

  • This board is for off-topic conversations — a place to hang out with your Clash of Clans Wiki friends.

    • 371 threads
    • 64,536 posts

    Last post by AWikiBoy521 03:18, January 22, 2017

  • Got a question about the wiki or the anything in-game? Ask your questions here!

    • 1,315 threads
    • 9,642 posts

    Last post by BhanukaPramuith 08:05, January 11, 2017

  • Advertise your clan here. Simply start a discussion with your clan name and add details about joining in the message body. Please bump the thread no more than once every 3 days, however you may respond immediately to anyone else's post.

    • 4,973 threads
    • 12,401 posts

    Last post by SkyCrasher1306 08:44, January 20, 2017

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