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Lightning Spell Healing Spell Rage Spell
Lightning Spell Healing Spell Rage Spell
Jump Spell Freeze Spell Santassurprise
Jump Spell Freeze Spell Santa's Surprise

Spells are created in the Spell Factory. Upgrade your Spell Factory to get more spells and to be able to hold more spells. You can also research spells in the Laboratory to make them more powerful.

Tier 1 BarbarianArcherGoblin
Tier 2 GiantWall BreakerBalloonWizard
Tier 3 HealerDragonP.E.K.K.A
Dark Elixir Troops MinionHog RiderValkyrieGolem (Golemite) • Witch (Skeleton) • Lava Hound (Lava Pup)
Heroes Barbarian KingArcher Queen
Spells Lightning SpellHealing SpellRage SpellJump SpellFreeze SpellSanta's Surprise

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