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Got questions to be answered? Need something done? Have something to report? Here is the place to do all that, and more! These guys are the monitors of this wiki, without them it would fall into disrepair. But don't be intimidated, they're still fellow Clashers, just like you!

Brady MWN

Brady55 (My Wall)

Favoured Nicknames: Brady
Tags: Bureaucrat
Roles: Officer/Enforcer
Clan: Wiki Crusades Symbol 40
Game Center: Brady.55
Skype: brady.burke55

"The struggle you feel today will offer you the strength you need for tomorrow"



Favored nicknames: Zega, Zeggy, Z(clanmates)
Tags: Admin
Clan: Level5
Position: Co-Leader
Favorite Troop: Lava Hound
Favorite War Strategy: Anything with Laloon in it.
Clan Win Streak: 30(highest)
Clan Requirements: TH8+ capable of 3 starring w/ 3* strats.

"Never roll over!"


Zega's List of Things to do:

  • Finish a 50v50 war
  • Sleeping

Lava Hound


Favored nicknames: Magma, MH, Guy Fawkes
Tags: Moderator
Clan: Corn Army (#888P9YJY, but I doubt it's active anymore)
Favorite Troop: Lava Hound (hey, they're my cousins, right?)



Favored nicknames: None
Tags: Moderator
Clan: Hops between lots of Clans
Favorite Troop: Dragon
QQ: 24070922

Zazme avatar1

Zazme Yakuza

Scroll down for more content.

Favored Nickname: Zaz,ZY,Yakuza
Tags: Content Moderator
Roles: Editor, Moderator, Updater
Game Center: Private
Clan: Data on Progress
I Like: Computers, Games, Challenges.
I Dislike: Show-offs, Trash-Talkers, Trolls.

Favorite Army: GoWiPe
Favorite Troop: Wizard
Highest Clan Streak: 42 (Royal)
Highest Donated in Season: 5,214
Clan Position: Co-Leader
Clan Roles: Strategist, Recruiter, Spy


Discord: Zazme_Yakuza#2329
Twitter: @ZazmeYakuzaGaming

Things to do: Get a straight twelve hour sleep, cure my wikia addictiveness

Yakuza News:
Did you miss me?

"Sometimes we need to close our eyes, to be able to see a lot more."

Wiki Tags

Tag Information Holders
Founder This tag is given to the editor who created the wiki. 1 holder—Tonkaty
Bureaucrat These editors are the voice of the wiki, and have higher power than a normal admin. 1 holder—Brady55
Admin Admins moderate the wiki and control every editors edit. 2 holders—Infinity323 and Zegaloft12
Moderator They can undo an editor's edit with just 1 click! They are just moderating the pages! 3 holders—MagmaHound, Pkukiss and Zazme Yakuza (though all bureaucrats, admins also possess this ability)
Inactive These editors are inactive and will hopefully be back soon! 20 holders—Tonkaty, ElementalChaos, Spirits of nature, Dahimi, Moseezator, Tparry, SynergyShade3624, BlazedDragon, Misssupersal, Badw0lf007, Kk9199, Lugia101101, O8el1x, Misso5, 2442cc, DarkDracolth, Japster, Jeager117, Stan890 and GalacticRuler456

Wiki Roles

Tag Information Holders
Director The top guns of the wiki! These guys make the wiki a better place everyday, with the amount of work they do. These guys have a lot of responsibility and duties they have to accomplish, so let us give these guys a smooth time moderating the wiki. 1 holder—Brady55
Officer/Enforcer These guys take care of the wiki and make sure the wiki is safe from inappropriate stuff & removed content. 2 holders—Infinity323 and Zegaloft12
Encoder These guys weave the code that help the wiki function. 1 holder—Spottra
Poll Manager They take care of the polls in the front page and make the wiki more fun! 1 holder—Brady55
Graphic Designer Just like a Video Producer, but with graphical pictures! 3 holders—Infinity323, SynergyShade3624 and FaceBound

Local time

If you need to know what's the local time for particular staff members, to gauge whether they'll be available, then check below.

Type Name Location Timezone Local Time
Bureaucrat Brady55 Washington, USA UTC-8 PST
07:08 (08:08)
Admin Infinity323 Texas, USA UTC-6 CST
09:08 (10:08)
Admin Zegaloft12 Philippines UTC+8
23:08 (00:08)
Moderator MagmaHound Malaysia UTC+8 23:08
Moderator Pkukiss China UTC+8 23:08
Moderator Zazme Yakuza Japan UTC+9:00
00:08 (23:08)


  • This table is sortable, so you can easily order the local times.
  • Lead times are the primary offset; those in brackets for Daylight Saving Time. No attempt has been made to arbitrate between them, as DST changeover varies from territory to territory.

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