Reason: Adding trivia, Attack Strategies.

Tier 1 Troops

Well, here we have it! Tier 1 Troops, the newbie troops. The Barbarian, the Archer and the Goblinõ! All good for farming, attacking for dat moolah, and for defense (well, all but 1. :P).


The goblins! Well... uh... I really guess I don't have a sarcastic remark here... dang it. I'll think of one soon enough

Attacking With Goblins

Well, here we have Goblins. Get dat money! They deal 2x the damage to anything with loot in it, as well they target it, but they exclude the TH. BUT, they do deal good damage to other buildings as well when they are in a horde.

Goblins in Clan Castle (Defense)

Really, the only reason you should donate goblins is if you're mad at a certain clanmate, or that clan. Or, if you're one of those jerks, feel free too.

Goblins in Clan Castle (Offense)

Well, honestly, you only need a few barbarians or a valkyrie. Don't have those? Poison Spell. Don't have IT? Archers. Didn't bring those? Wizards. Oh, you forgot those? Oh well.

Attack Strategies With Goblins

BAG V2 - Archers, Barbarians and Goblins

This strategy is good for farming, it is relatively cheap. You need to find a base,


Find a base with:

  • Full collectors/mines/drills
  • Semi-full storages

Lure any clan castle troops with goblins. Kill them with archers. If there is a PEKKA, Valk or Golem in there, you're screwed.

Now, send in the barbarians to distract the defenses, then you need to send in archers AROUND the base. Use the goblins to get the resources, then once in a horde they do DAMAGE!

Rating of the Goblin

OFFENSE: 2/5, only good in hordes and for farming.

DEFENSE: 1/5, no, just no.


With its spectacular bow, it's pretty much Katniss Everdeen with a little bit LESS smarts and survival skills.

Attacking With Archers

Archers are used commonly with Barbarians, because it is a cheap army strategy, it takes less time and it's pretty easy to get loot with it. As with the Barbarians, don't put them in hordes. Why? 1-3 shots with their bow might end up being their last when facing splash damage defenses, or buildings NEAR splash damage defenses.

Archers in Clan Castle (Defense)

For lower levels that want to donate good troops, Archers are your answer. For war, they can be useful, for lower level people who have not unlocked the Poison Spell yet (I would still recommend the wizard!), they do moderate damage, and their range is a MAJOR plus.

Archers in Clan Castle (Offense)

2v1 it. You'll win. Not so confident? Take it out with a wizard, because of its low health. Alternatively, bring a poison spell!

Rating Of The Archer

OFFENSE: 4/5, awesome for farming, picking off buildings, and its range is a major plus

DEFENSE: 4/5, its range is really good.


His muscular body and perfectly grown mustache is awesome!!! Just kidding.

Attacking With Barbarians

In your early days playing clash, attacking with all Barbarians is a good idea, as they are probably your best troop. In order for you to attack full barbarian, I would recommend taking out ALL splash damage defenses first, because they might have a lot of health and damage in a horde, but it only takes a few hits because of splash damage.

Barbarians In Clan Castle (Defense)

To be honest, Barbarians are not the best defensive troop. Why? Well, it can get swarmed a bit too easy for my comfort, and some wiki users. All you need to do is get a couple of Archers and swarm it. If it is in groups, it might be ok if they didn't bring along wizards. Also, as of July 1, 2015, when the poison spell was introduced, Tier 1-2 troops became easy to kill, so it sometimes isn't the best in fairly leveled clans.

Barbarians In Clan Castle (Offense)

The way to deal with them is really simple. All you have to do is take them out with a couple of archers, and yay! Begone! If it's a group, the solution is 2-4 wizards! Clumped Barbarians can also be easily taken out by a Valkyrie. Or, alternatively, use a poison spell.

Rating of the Barbarian

OFFENSE: 3/5, it's pretty good for your early days in clash and farming.

DEFENSE: 2/5, it can get swarmed way to easy.

You better like this guide because I typed ALL of it with a broken finger! On my right hand!

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