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*NOTE: On some update, the Giants were moved to Tier 1, and the goblins were moved to Tier 2. The wiki as a whole voted for the Giants staying in Tier 2 for our information. Because of this, I will have Giants in Tier 2, not Tier 1.


This guide will be on how to use Tier 2 Troops.


Because the wizard is pretty much an all-around troop, no sarcastic remark here, unfortunately. Meh.

Clan Castle Defense

Before the June 2015 update, they were probably the best troop to donate in war castles, they did good damage AND it was splash damage. But, in June 2015 came poison spells, which brought the end to half of the troops at Town Hall 8+. For TH 7 and below, I would totally recommend donating wizards, for TH7- do not have access to Poison Spells. In TH 8+, it would be a 60% chance of it dying.


So yes! Down the best part of these afro-hiders! Offense.

Dealing With Clan Castle

I use wizards most for dealing with clan castle troops. Stated earlier, I said they do good damage and splash damage to clan castle troops. Over the years I have found out that Wizards SOMETIMES are not the best clan castle killers because they do good damage, and wouldn't you want to save those for the defenses and other buildings, not that stinking level 3 dragon in the castle? Bring along some archers!


Wizards are great for All-Around stuff. They do great damage, they can pick off buildings and lure clan castle troops. I usually place them in a line, just for the fact that they don't do well spread about, they will get killed by Archer Towers very quickly. If you group them up, they become RABBIT soup because they get blown off the face of the earth by a giant bomb.


Well, the balloon! The best luring troop and clan castle troop killer? I mean right? They do splash damage and somewhat good damage!

No, just no. For pete's sake they don't even target CC troops. So yeah...

Attacking With Balloons

So, they target defenses first. At level 1, I wouldn't recommend using them a whole lot, because level 1 Air Defenses only take two hits to take them out. Then, again we have air bombs. If the air defense is out in the open, TAKE YOUR ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME (Well, no, not really, Dramatization. :P) take the air defense out with a couple of archers, then mass Balloon the rest of the base. But don't forget your spells!

Because I can't give you much advice on how to use balloons (because I don't use them much), I'll give you some Attack Strategies that include Balloons, that are actually really helpful (in war, when we had the scenario in the first paragraph, or even if it isn't).


So yes, the Giant! The best defence troop! I mean, am I right? They deal good damage!

Or not. If you don't believe me, (just watch!) how about I tell you that the Giants' move speed is only 12? The delay before each attack is 2 seconds? No? Well, then trust me. Don't do that.

Attacking With Giants

Yep, the giant again! Although they are slow, and thee delay between before attack is 2 seconds, they have 2 uses, that both kind of go hand in hand

Meat Shields

Do you wanna get the defense that is behind walls protecting dat loot? And right next to it is a Wizard Tower with a wizard ready to mow those wall breakers you're about to use to break it. You have 11 giants ready, and some goblins and wizards, along with 10 wall breakers. Once approaching the wall, the wizard tower mows down the first 5. You decide to put a giant there, then send in the wall breakers, the wall is broken. This is called a meat shield. You use high hotpoint troops to bring in weaker troops, so the defenses have locked onto the giants and the other troops can get the loot. After the meat shield you can spam those big guys to get those defense that want to protect the loot.


Well,let's say, erm... he forgot to put a wall there. Same loot. BUT more defenses. Lets say they are high level, and all of that good stuff is in the center. The defenses are around the center, if you go for the loot, the defenses on the other side will get you! So yes, the wall is missing, just for the convenience of this guide. You spam the giants to go around the and crush them defenses, so you can get that money. Don't forget to bring a heal spell or a rage...



No Defenses Left?

If you just brought giant-healer with no other troops, congrats! You're most likely screwed.

Wall Breakers! :D

So yes, wall breakers. The best army composition. Fill your camps with them! They will give you 3 stars!

Or not. If you don't believe me, how about I tell you that they target walls? Did you know that a maxed Wall Breaker has 54 health? Or that if they are not attacking walls they do 60 damage (max wall breaker)? No? Well, then just trust me. Don't do that.

Attacking with 'em!

So, yes, wall breakers again. The worst troop in the game right? Actually, not really. Hence the name: Wall breaker. It breaks walls, duh. Why waste 2-3 giants to break a wall? You can always just use 1-2 wall breakers!


As I said earlier, a maxed wall breaker has 54 health. Not a lot, ey? So, if you deployed them first, there is pretty much 50/100 % chance of getting killed. If you deployed 2-3 giants BEFORE the Wall Breakers, the Wall Breakers have a better chance of surviving. But, the base usually would have a Mortar that would smash your little wall breakers to bones and after the attacks dogs would come get them (I wish.). So, logic says put you giants out of the range of a mortar! (If possible, that is)


You might be thinking "well thanks! I still don't know how to attack with them. I just know the basics.". Well, right here I will show you. Lets say I have level 4 wall breakers. We will look at the base to the right for this example. The red dot is the Wall breaker, and the dashed arrow is it's path. We see at its path it goes for a wall that is in front of the wizard tower, near the cannon and the Archer Tower. Because a level 4 wallbreaker has 35 health, that's pretty much gmo. (game over) Now, what would happen if we put giants there first? The defences would target them instead of the wall breaker. And BOOOM! The troops have a pathway! YAYZ! YESH!!! :D :D!!!!


What if there are no more walls left?

Congrats! You just got 0 stars and probably just lost 20 trophies. Well, even if you have MORE wall breakers (assuming you somehow got the brilliant idea for the attack strategy of 100% wall breakers) you still will have no stars. They will go for the nearest building, which will probably have a defence near it. Poor you.

Wall Breakers' Conclusion

In Conclusion, you probably saw that I don't think Wall Breakers are the worst troop in the game. Also, (hopefully) you learned that Wall Breakers ARE NOT the worst troop in the game and they can be used as assistance troops.


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