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Hey guys! This is tealhovercraft8, and I love playing Clash of Clans. Some of you guys know me, and I want you to tell me how I can improve. Anyway, I decided that I should impart my knowledge with some of my fellow Clashers, so that I can create a better experience for them. And what better place than the Official Clash of Clans Wiki! My guides will consist of a few attack strategies, defensive tips, what to do at your Town Hall levels, and how to improve your clan. Remember that the attack strategies will be based on Town Hall 7, but feel free to change anything.

Please note: You may edit these pages, but please do not copy the info on this guide without giving me credit. Also, when editing, keep in mind that I spent a lot of time and effort in these pages, and do not mess it up. Thanks!

Link Description
Attack Strategies Want to get more loot, or go a little higher on the leaderboard? Check out this page!
Defensive Tips Are you being overwhelmed by several attacks? Are you unable to hold on to your hard-earned resources? See what you can do to stay alive and Clashing!
What to do? This covers all the Town Halls, and what you should do at that stage.

For those who want to know, I am a lvl 51 with a TH7, and I am in "The Dank Squad". My IGN is tealhovercraft8.


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