Have you ever ran out of things to do on CoC or not known what to do next? Well, find out here!

The First 3 Days When You First Start CoC


48 Hours of Nonstop Resources

This is the time you upgrade your collectors and storages up to level 5 of both. You should also upgrade your Town Hall all the way to level 4 at this time. This is one of the most crucial things, so that you can earn resources very quickly to get ready for what is in store. Also, remember not to spend gems on ANYTHING! Use them only for Builder's Huts! This is a mistake I had to live by, and it is way too hard!


Your one and only Protection

The Last Day

Oh, no! You only have 1 day left on your shield now. You have to be very quick now. What you have to do is build these buildings quickly, and in this order. DO NOT BUILD THE AIR DEFENSE YET!

Then upgrade these buildings in this order:

Then work out a good defense using my guide: Tealhovercraft8's Defensive Tips

After this, practice raiding with the goblins in the Single Player Campaign. Do not use up your shield and attack in multiplayer!!!!! If you want a few tips, use my Attacking Strategy Guide (I know they are not for this level, but if you see the uses of all the troops, you will understand when and where to use these troops/spells/heroes): Tealhovercraft8's Strategy Guides/Attack Strategies.[Comment--Spottra]

The Daunting Days Begin...

By now, your shield will be used up. You will be feeling helpless because you will be vulnerable to other people attacking you[Comment--Spottra]! Now, you have to hunt, hunt, hunt trophies all the way to Silver League III[Comment--Spottra]. At this time, you should be using your builders on upgrading your collectors and storages to the maximum level that you can, if possible. With all that loot you get, upgrade your walls to level 2, and then to level 3, and maybe even to level 4 if you feel up for it. You should also max out EVERY SINGLE BUILDING. Once you reach Silver III, rebuild your Clan Castle. Join a clan that has what you want: winning wars, good donations, friendly, top 50, whatever you like! Clans are the most important thing in the game, hence the name. If you want to learn about Clans, read my Clans guide: Tealhovercraft8's Guide to Clans. After you join a satisfying clan and max out everything (except walls), move on to TH5[Comment--Spottra].

At TH5, you should build every single new building you can, from least time-consuming (walls, Cannons, Barracks), to the most (Mortars, Wizard Towers, Air Defense). Now that you can upgrade your collectors to level 10, do so! Also, max out your storages. At Town Hall 5 (and 6), the only thing you will be interested in upgrading is your SPLASH defenses: the Mortar, the Wizard Tower, and even your Bombs. Max them out, and then build your Laboratory and upgrade it to max, and then your Barbarians and Archers to level 3. These are the only troops you'll need for quite a bit of time.

At TH6, you do much the same thing. You have another level to go on your Mortar and Wizard Tower, and this time, I recommend upgrading your Cannons and Archer Towers to max as well. And upgrade your lab. Also, upgrade your walls to level 5. Also, upgrade your Barracks to level 5, as you might need Wall Breakers. Upgrade them to level 3. Also upgrade your Army Camps to lvl 4 or maybe lvl 5. Then, you upgrade your Town Hall to 7, the most epic upgrade EVER![Comment--Spottra]


Town Hall7

Town Hall 7!

Town Hall 7 and Town Hall 8 are considered the best upgrades ever. You will need to farm at 1000-1300 trophies (for TH7) or 1300-1500 Trophies (for TH8), and you will be getting so many Resources, that it will be as good as having double your resource collectors! Keep your Town Hall outside, and use the Goblin-Archer strategy on my Attack Strategies  page. There's nothing else to tell other than that everything should be maxed out, even Walls, in this order:

Oh, and one more thing, do not use any Dark Elixir except for testing out Minions and Hog Ridahhhhs! Use it only on the Barbarian King. There is no sense in upgrading the King until TH8. After you get the King, though, feel free to use DE!

After you max everything, upgrade to TH9!

You're Nearing the Finish Line...'ve been quite a long way, haven't you? It took me 3 hours to type this guide, but likely, it took you over 1 year to get here!

I can't tell you much about TH9 and TH10, but I can tell you that you should upgrade everything you get (even X-Bows and Inferno Towers), and then trophy hunt for the top! With the trophy-pushing strategy I gave from my Attack 


Strategies page, you should be able to get to Masters III, seeing as a TH7 (me) did that to Crystal, and then you should make up your own strategies. Isn't that what the game is about? In some time, you might even become a.........
Thank you for viewing my What to Do guide. My main page is listed below:

tealhovercraft8's Strategy Guides

Good Luck and Happy Clashing!!!!!!!!



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